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Crystal Knox is a wife and stay at home mom of five and the founder and president of Unique Favor, LLC.  Life hasn’t always been easy Crystal. She was molested at the age of eight by her 17- year- old cousin. She wasn’t raised by my mother or father, so she spent a lot of time living with relatives and friends. Crystal “got caught up early in life”, spending time around the wrong people and things and became a convicted felon in 2014. After being released from prison, that was her wake up call. She realized The Lord had given her a second chance to follow her dream, her vision. She stopped working her job at the bakery sales associate, in order to be a full time mom and concentrate fully on her family and focus on owning a business. She also cares for her mentally challenged sister, and her sister’s three children. In September of 2017, Crystal was granted her LLC. Since then she’s hosted  her own “Feed the Streets” event in Baton Rouge, La, where  she and other local volunteering organizations such as, Ryan Premier Studios 1989, Geaux Cruisin, and It Takes A Village BR, gathered together and fed the homeless and less fortunate on Thanksgiving Day. Crystals says she intends to use every unfortunate situation that she’s been through, as a testimony to minister to younger women, while also letting everyone she’s fortunate enough to help know that where they come from and their past doesn’t define who we really are.


Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Crystal, Crystal?

Crystal: I consider myself a very modest, down to earth, newly humbled person. My ability to still want to love through all of the hurt, and to look like I’ve been through nothing, because of the Unique Favor of God over my life, is what makes Crystal, Crystal.


Fancy: Do you mind sharing a little about your conviction?

Crystal: While living a very unbecoming life, I was often plagued by situations that stemmed from poor choices, and not using my better judgment. One afternoon I was being followed by a group of females that wanted to fight me. I was tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed, and just ready for all the drama and chaos to stop. Without thinking I opened fire, from my car to theirs. In April 2014 I was convicted on four felony counts of illegal use of a firearm, released from jail, and Court Ordered to serve four years on probation.


Fancy: How hard was your reentry?

Crystal: Reentry into the ‘free world” was very hard. I didn’t have my own anything anymore. I couldn’t provide for kids or myself, because although jobs tell convicted felons that they won’t be discriminated against, the sad truth is that we are. I did temp jobs, went to labor unions and even did housekeeping in some of the most deplorable environments you could imagine, just to provide for my family. I eventually got a job a Wal-Mart where I then became more financially stable. (31)

Fancy: So now you have changed your life around, and you founded Unique Favor, LLC. What services do you all provide?

Crystal: I got back in church and reconnected with God, got married and opened my own faith based community outreach organization, Unique Favor LLC. We target and extend services to all troubled youth and poverty stricken members of our community. We work to building stamina, self esteem, and confidence in those that may be suffering from depression, mental illness, low self esteem, or any other underlying issues. We also plan to help them achieve mental, physical, and emotional stability. We intend to do so by assisting them with job search, obtaining permanent housing, seeking medical treatment, and/or pursuing educational opportunities.


Fancy: What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Crystal: The most rewarding parts of what I do is getting to see the smiles feeling the love and appreciation, the supporters, and just watching God be at work through his people.


Fancy: Have you read about the cities that are now creating laws for assisting the homeless? Do you think Baton Rouge is considering such?

Crystal: I have read of the cities that are now creating laws for the homeless. I’m not sure if Baton Rouge is considering such laws. However, if they are, I’m hopeful that the laws will be designed to help the homeless and not criminalize them for situations or circumstances beyond their own control.


Fancy” What can others do to help Unique Favor, LLC?

Crystal: Since the founding of Unique Favor, I’ve hosted my very own “Feed the Streets” event, where other volunteers and I fed the homeless for Thanksgiving. If someone wants to help, they can do so by volunteering, spreading the word about Unique Favor, or donating whatever God lays on your heart to do so.


Fancy: How do you balance business and caring for others?

Crystal: My business and caring for others go hand in hand. Since my business is caring for others, when I’m operating as Unique Favor, I’m caring about and helping people, and when I’m home, it’s the same thing. I have five kids, a husband, a mentally challenged sister and her three kids, two of which are also mentally challenged. They are my motivation, my support, and my drive.


Fancy: Please share any upcoming events or projects you may be working on.

Crystal: Our latest event will be on December 19th 2017. I will be giving back to Sterling Place Nursing Home. “No Elder Left Behind” is what I call it. I want them to know that someone is thinking of them, someone cares.


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