Senator Cory Booker Talks John Conyers’s Retirement and the New Tax Bill w/ Joe Madison

Senator Cory Booker and radio host Joe Madison.

Senator Cory Booker on Congressman’s John Conyers’ Retirement:  


SEN. BOOKER: “Yes, so literally the news is just breaking, and so I’m hearing the details. I’ve heard some contrary things, but as I understand it now, he’s retiring or resigning immediately.  And you know, I think that this is a delight conclusion to what has been a very painful matter of months of these revelations coming forward. And, I’ve sat with other members of Congressional Black Caucus, and seen the pain and the anguish about these revelations. And frankly, I think it’s painful for many of them, the men and women in the CBC, and myself because this is a man for half a century has been one of the leading voices for Civil Rights, one of the leading voices for issues of justice. And to have this painful revelation come out, I think it’s caused a lot of people to be very distressed. And so I think that he is doing the right thing, and I think that this further implicates Congress, and having an environment where such things have never come to light in the past. I don’t think this is the only time, only revelation, that’s gonna come forward in the coming months. And the urgency, I think we all should feel, to clean up Congress, and make this a model for how you deal with the persistent fact that we are a nation that has an abhorrent amount of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and we need to change the culture. And so, I think this is one of those moments, and I saw the heartbreaking expressions from my colleagues in the CBC, people who have served with him for decades. This is one of those moments.Out of this episode, should come a larger changing of Congress, and hopefully the culture of our country.”

Senator Booker on calling the recent Senate Tax Bill: “…a tax farce.”


SEN. BOOKER: “Absolutely. …This is very disappointing to me to watch. Republican leadership try to pitch this to middle class and low income working Americans as something for them. And it is categorically not for them. This is a tax bill that is going to cost the American public. We’re going to have to borrow, it’s gonna blow. And this is not just me saying this. These are non-partisan tax analyses that show that this is going to blow a 1.4 trillion dollar hole in our deficit. And even conservative-leaning analyses have said anywhere between half a trillion and a trillion dollar deficit which means we’re going to be borrowing money. The Chinese debt holders, for example, borrowing from the Chinese to pay for this. Now where is the benefit of this tax bill going? Clearly the overwhelming majority of this is not going to middle class Americans or working class Americans. It’s going to the wealthiest corporations and the wealthiest one percent in our country. They are getting the benefits of this. If this was a middle class tax plan, it would be targeted towards the middle class. We’d be expanding the earned income tax credit, expanding the child care tax credit; focusing on giving relief to middle class tax payers. But, this is not that. And then the second farce in all of this is this theory, that we fundamentally know is not true, that if you give massive corporations more of a tax break that somehow that’s gonna lead to wage growth. Well, the reason why we know this is a farce and this is a lie on the American public is that we are at right now a 80 year high of corporate profits. So corporations are making the most money they made in 80 years. And what’s happening to wage growth in this country? It’s been stagnant for more than a decade. There’s been a decoupling between worker productivity and wage growth, which we used to see, but we’re not seeing now. What corporations have done with 80 to 90 percent of their profits over the last decade has been using those profits for stock buy-backs and dividends, which again, accrue even more wealth amongst the wealthiest Americans. And that’s what’s driving so much of this wealthy disparity in our country where you see the average American watching everything go up from prescription drugs to the cost of college, the cost of child care, and they’re not seeing their salaries go up. They’re not seeing their wages go up. They’re feeling poorer and poorer in real dollars. And so, this makes me angry because I’m watching Republicans…I may have different philosophies for you, but if you’re a fiscal conservative, this is not in line with what the fiscal conservatives views are. If you are a deficit hawk, this is a betrayal of your philosophies. In every way, this is against conservative principles, and this is against Democratic principles.”

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