5 Benefits of a Social Media Fast

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I took a social media fast over the weekend. While it seems like I just took one while in the hospital earlier last month, this one felt just as long overdue. The more I learn and realize about people and myself, the more often I believe these are needed. People drain me. I wanted to detach and clear my head, and I did. So I thought I would share some of the benefits of a social media fast this week.

  1. Pauses comparison and filters out negativity.

I would love to say “eliminates” but I think that has to be mastered and some people may never achieve such consciousness, myself included, so for now the fast “pauses” this trivial act, which allows us to more clearly see and appreciate what we do have. While at the same time, this break filters out all of the miscellaneous junk going on around us that we are absorbing subconsciously, you know, like the Facebook pettiness. There’s a difference between Instagram pettiness and Facebook pettiness by the way, but that is another story.


  1. Less stress

There’s less stress because there’s less pressure. For the moment, you don’t need to have your life figured out, be making six figures with a husband who makes seven and be six months pregnant. Enjoy the simplicity of your life and things. You could have all of that and still be black and blue behind the scenes or your wife is planning to leave you for your nanny while you are over –extending yourself to keep up an image. Life is not perfect. Let that sh*t go!


  1. Gain clarity.

When you can detach from the world and all the white noise, clarity comes. You gain perspective and develop a stronger sense of self. Stop wasting time on things that matter to other people and learn more about what motivates and drives you. Are you living for show or for others, or are you living for you and are you living your purpose?

  1. Practice self control.

This time alone also helps to cultivate more self control. Too many of us are desperate for likes and a slave to notifications. Personally, I hate that feeling, which is why I keep many of my notifications off, and I reply as I see them, in my free time. It is a shame how people are barely present during conversations now days, because they are too busy scrolling through social media. However, I must admit my own weakness here, I often want to share my good news with my network, yet I don’t really feel like most of them are “my people”, so I have practice censoring what I say. Not everyone wishes you well.

  1. Better sleep

Last but not least, a fast from social media can help you sleep better. The blue light from our phone and computer screens produces a shorter wave length and more energy which causes it to flicker. According to Blue Light Exposed, “This kind of flickering creates a glare that can reduce visual contrast and affect sharpness and clarity.”

And with that being said, I actually tried to place my phone away from me for most of the weekend. While I would love to add I went on a baecay or something, I didn’t do much other organize and write. My oldest daughter and I went to help with the homeless, but other than that I just enjoyed the quiet, being present, and appreciating the little things. I hope you all have a great week.


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This post was originally published in our Monday Morning Motivation Newsletter.

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