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After a trying time with her mother, Luciana Gilmore began writing words to her own daughters, the words she wished she heard as a young girl. Later some of those words would be used in her book which was released earlier this year, Daughter Have I Told You Lately? and in her and her daughters greeting card line, Gilmore Girls Greetings. By day Gilmore is a principle at one of Cleveland, Ohio’s biggest high schools. She has been an educator for over 15 years and also mentors young girls. Aside from her two daughters, Gilmore has a son as well.

Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Luciana, Luciana?

Luciana: Wow, what makes Luciana, Luciana… I would have to say, that Luciana has many layers. I am a mother, a daughter, an educator, a passionate person, and a determined person, but I am also a woman of strength and resilience, who bends and pushes the bar, and then pushes some more for what she wants. I have never and I do not now believe in the boundaries or the word NO, in reflection of goals and purpose!

Fancy: Please share a little about Daughter, Have I Told You, Lately?.

Luciana: Daughter, Have I Told You, Lately? is book based on affirmations that we must ensure we express and embed in our daughters. I wrote this book with my own daughters in mind, my school daughters, and also from lens as a daughter, and things that I wished I had heard as well!


Fancy: What inspired you to write your book?

Luciana: I wrote this book as a reflection of my daughter entering her senior year in high school, knowing that she was getting ready to enter college, and consciously thinking had I said enough and embedded in her enough affirmations that she would carry with her in adulthood.

I understood from my walk as principal the importance and power of words, so purposely I would affirm my school daughters, especially those who I knew personally and who I knew were in need of guidance and continued praise.

Both lens enabled me to write this book that I feel any daughter needs to hear and know!

Fancy: Now it’s a photo book correct? So is it more pictures and messages than longer bodies of text?

Luciana: Yes, the pictures and affirmations are aligned to show the progression of life, from a mother whom is with child, to a mother who is sitting with her adult daughters. The book expresses affirmations that mothers should continuously embed in our daughters.

Fancy: Do you think it is harder for mothers to communicate with their daughters than their sons? If so, why?

Luciana: Yes, I absolutely think it’s harder to communicate with our daughters, they are a MINI version of US!

I think as a mother, when we have a daughter we go into protective mode, and that stems from what we know about ourselves, we never want them to experience what we experience, so our way of protection is that we keep things or information away from them, and then I think we get scared when we actually see ourselves in them. If we aren’t already armed with great communication tools in our own toolbox, then instead of communicating we become defensive. I’ve done it, my mother did it, and the cycle continues if we don’t feed, affirm and communicate with our daughters openly. I have chosen, and am choosing to do things differently, and my goal is to inspire other mothers and to do it differently and if needed to be a help to heal some wounds of some existing mother daughter relationships.

Fancy: Did your mentoring influence your book in anyway?

Luciana: Being a principal in high school and mentoring young girls has definitely influenced my book. Throughout my 16 years in education, I have met and mentored so many girls that, it became my favorite part of my career. I always wanted girls to know that despite their circumstances, they had the power within to be great. I didn’t have a storybook past, and I would expose myself to my school daughters, because I had to let them know who I was, done all in effort to be a walking testimony of strength, resilience, and determination. Words that you read in my book are some of the affirmations I would repeatedly say to my school daughters as well!

Fancy: Off the top of your head, what are three things mothers definitely should tell their daughters?


Mothers should always be their daughter’s biggest fan…

Tell them how bright, beautiful, and/or athletic they are.

Tell your daughter what makes them special so that they expand on that exponentially! (They need guidance in finding their niche sometimes)

Tell your daughters how much you LOVE them!  With a world built on false truths we need to let our daughters know what true love feels and looks like! (27)

Fancy: Which came first the book or your Gilmore Girls Greetings cards line?

Luciana: The greeting cards came first!

Fancy: Can you share a little about your greeting cards?

Luciana: I’m a spiritual person and while I always knew I would have business I had no idea what type of business, and just as clear as this conversation, I was a given the vision to create greeting cards with daughters. I began the cards the same day, and I had never written a greeting card in life. I didn’t know anything about the greeting card business, but because I have always loved greeting cards I knew the basic format. That day I sat and wrote over 70 greeting cards, I wrote cards to my daughter about things we had experienced, I wrote to convey my feelings during the times we had, had an argument and weren’t talking, and then I wrote simply from a place of wanting to express my love as a mother. I in turn asked my then 17-year-old daughter to write some cards back to me, write about things she wished you could have said, things she wished could have did differently. Now, she didn’t write 70, but she did produce 20 quality cards, from a daughter to a mother.

I read those cards and I have to say I was emotional by some of the words, they were raw and real, and they were also valid. This prompted me to write, Daughter, Have I Told You Lately?

Fancy: Where can both the book and greeting cards be found?

Luciana: The book and greeting cards can be found on website: and my book is also on Amazon.

Fancy: Please share two of your favorite quotes?

Luciana: Little girls with dreams become women with vision.~

You cannot live a brave life without disappointing some people.~Oprah Winfrey

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