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While Princess Shaw published her videos on YouTube for years, Samantha Montgomery was introduced to the world, when the documentary she starred in, Presenting Princess Shaw was released last year. The documentary follows the meeting of Montgomery, whose stage name is Princess Shaw, and internationally famous musician, composer, and video artist Ophir “Kutiman” Kutiel. Kutiman discovers Princess Shaw’s videos on YouTube and is inspired to create a “magical collaboration”, adding Shaw’s vocals over instruments played by other musicians, prompting Shaw to travel to Israel and perform live. The film received positive reviews from Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, andThe New York Times.

We were able to discuss how life has been since the documentary during SwagHer Magazine’s Behind the Scenes Party. Read how things have changed for the YouTube singing sensation below.

F: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Princess Shaw, Princess Shaw?

PS: My swagher/style is a skateboarder chic without the skateboard, the feeling behind it lol! But what makes me Princess Shaw, is I am simply me! No fillers, no BS, random as hell, I love life, and what you see is what you get-period.

F: How did you get that name?

PS: Well, I was watching First 48, the crime show, and there was a female suspect in the interrogation room and the detective said, “Princess Shaw we know you murdered that man!” I was like, “that’s my name!” It fit; I’m not a princess- I’m Princess Shaw! I took her name, which was her real name y’all! Don’t kill me please sugar, lol!

F: By now everyone has watched the documentary, Presenting Princess Shaw and is wondering how your life has changed. How would you say it’s changed?  Are you being presented with more opportunities?

PS: Has my life changed? Hell yeah, I’ve been just about all over the world! I have self worth and self love now …At one point I couldn’t feel the sun on my skin, now I’m bathing in that warmth. I finally love me completely flaws and all. Yes doors are opening up for me very slowly, but they’re opening, and that’s all that matters, because I’m a very patient woman, and I’m blessed.

F: What genre would you say your music or sound is in?

PS: I will say my genre of music would be rock blues, but I feel like I have my own genre, lol.

F: You talked about being molested in the film and in your videos. Do you think that inspires your music any?

PS: I feel like in the beginning some of my music was inspired by my past but mostly my music is inspired by emotions and life.

F: There are plenty of others out there who have been abused but are suffering in silence. Do you desire to speak any more on the subject matter?

PS: Yes I would definitely like to speak more on abuse. I could sit here and say a million different things about being abused, but the truth is it will linger for a minute then fade away, because we are going through our own struggle, even standing in a room full of abused people who know exactly how it feels-the different phases we go through, the pain, the anger, the fear…We are still fighting our own battles alone because nothing you say can fill up that void or give back the pieces to our souls.

F: What lesson have you learned from the whole experience, connecting with Kutiman and working with Ido Haar?

PS: Israel in general my second home!!! Love- love is that we’re all just people, no matter how far apart we live or where we’re from, we’re the same .I also learned how to honor my feelings and what real platonic love was and is ..Growing up, I never had any positive strong male role models in my life that didn’t hurt me, that truly loved me, until I met them. I can truly say I love them unconditionally.

F: Are you working on any new music or upcoming projects?

PS: I’m working on new music and also you guys can look forward to the Kutiman/Princess collab. I’m really excited about it too, but these things take time. That’s when the patience kicks in.. I finally have a dope manager and they’re putting together a team now to get me in the scenario (Shaw language hence “the scenario”), lol!  Also Ani DiFranco invited me to be part of a project of hers.

Please list your website and social media below.

Instagram: _princess_shaw/ Music Instagram:Princess_Shaw40

Facebook Music Page: Princess Shaw

Soundcloud:Princess Shaw37

YouTube:  Princess Shaw

Thx u luva’s Rock Sauuuuuce!!!


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