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The Shoe Fetish Movement began with the publication of the fiction series “Shoe Fetish”.  The authors, Sharon Bennett and Bea Moore, quickly recognized the need to expand the conversations after hearing from their readers and through intimate discussions. Thus, The Shoe Fetish Movement for Women’s Empowerment was born. Bennett and Moore’s desire is to plant a seed of thought to provoke an action of change.  They are committed to empowering women to walk into healing and impact the world one step at a time.

Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? 

Sharon: My swagher is in knowing and being confident in whom I am.  I walk with a confident and “proud of me” look.  It’s taken me a long time to get to this point of self-acceptance. My life’s experiences and challenges are what make me who I am, resilient with a big heart that’s been broken many times and abused, but it’s still ticking and I am grateful for every single day.

Shoe Fetish Movement Co-founder, Sharon Bennett
Shoe Fetish Movement Co-founder, Sharon Bennett

Bea: I always look for the silver lining.  That optimism allows me to make it through the rough patches with a smile.  A dash of humor, a pound of faith, and a juggling act between the left and right sides of my brain keep me hopping! I thrive on taking risks and challenging myself to learn new things and meet new people. I enjoy a wonderful life filled with family and friends who keep me grounded.

Shoe Fetish Movement Co-founder, Bea Moore
Shoe Fetish Movement Co-founder, Bea Moore


Fancy: How did you two meet?  

Sharon: We met in junior high school.  I had just relocated back to San Antonio, TX from Corpus Christi, TX.  We were at the same middle school in gym class, and Bea introduced herself.  We’ve been hard, fast friends since then.

Fancy: Tell us first about the “Shoe Fetish” book trilogy.  What inspired it?  

S&B: A desire to put life’s experiences in writing and help others to get through their trials.  One book was not enough.  There was no way to get the drama and growth processes that these young women go through into one book.  That is how the trilogy was born, but more needs were noted during book club meetings.

Shoe Fetish
Shoe Fetish

Fancy: So the above helped to kick off the Shoe Fetish Movement, and what all does that consist of?   

S&B: We quickly recognized the need to expand the conversations from book club meetings to address issues surrounding women’s self-image and self-esteem.  We have tailored exercises that help people recognize their particular behaviors or habits that are holding them back and to give them coping techniques. Then, if further help is needed they can secure professional long-term counseling.

Fancy: Sharon, I noticed you study within the mental health and behavioral health fields, while Bea you overcame your own obstacles. Do you all think those experiences help you to identify with your audience and attendees better? 

Sharon: I definitely feel that it does.  To be able to recognize certain behavioral issues in people or clearly seeing the statements that they make can help you to connect with them.  If you can connect, people feel that and will let you help.  They tend to listen to what you have to say.

Bea: Absolutely! You cannot minister to someone without a sense of empathy.  I believe when I am transparent about my personal journey, it creates a degree of trust.  That trust allows the dialogue to flow. That’s when the magic happens- the sparks fly and the fun begins!

Fancy: We are curious as to how you continue to implement the shoe fetish theme into everything you do. Can you share how that is so?

B&S: The shoe is a vehicle that can be used in varied ways to illicit beliefs, past hurts.  It’s something that most women love. We believe that we have successfully and interestingly integrated insightful analogies of relationships and shoe shopping in the Shoe Fetish fiction trilogy. These analogies oftentimes offer a comedic relief and allow for thoughtful discussion in book club meetings and during our signature speaking events. Though it is a simple concept, it is powerful. Women are given a vehicle by which to relate their personal heartfelt stories. It’s a time of sharing. It is a time of reflection. It is a time of healing. It is a time to breakthrough to become your best you.  The only requirement with these signature events is to lighten up and have fun- personal growth does not have to always be painful!

Fancy: What tips would you give other women considering partnerships? 

Sharon: You have to let the ego go!  You must realize that it’s not all about you and what you want.  You have to share ideas and consider what the other person wants, as well.  Each respects the other’s expertise and what we each bring to the table.

Bea: Keep it professional.  It is a business.  Get a contract. Agree to disagree.  Create a budget, short term and long-term goals that are reasonable and measurable.  Frequent brainstorming and evaluation of progress are also important.  Keep the lines of communication open, schedule weekly meetings if possible.

Fancy: What are three takeaways from attending a Shoe Fetish Movement event? 

B&S: We’d like our attendees to allow The Shoe Fetish Movement to:

  1. Provide them with specific tools that will help them to create an empowered, positive, and impactful lifestyle that is uniquely theirs.
  2. Help them realize that you have to stop and deal with the issue at hand first.  You’ll have to ACHE, then heal before you can move forward and be healthy.
  3. Show them how to practice self-love!

Fancy: Please share one of your favorite quotes or sayings.

Sharon: “Plant a seed of thought to provoke the action of change.”

Bea: “I never left a dream on a pillow.”

Fancy: Do you have any upcoming events or projects you care to share?

B&S: We just finished several events, and we try to rest in the fall to winter months.

September 23, Fleur Fine Books, Port Neches Grove, TX Book Signing/Meet The Author

September 23 opening speaker, Women Winning Conference, Houston, TX

Nov 11th  12p-6p, Lithia Springs, GA is The African American BookLovers EXPO

Follow the Shoe Fetish Movement below. or  1-888-321-9604

Facebook:  TheShoeFetishMovement

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