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Ok, sooooo let me start by saying I HATE MIGRAINES!! Especially the kind that puts me out of commission for the entire day.

Like c’mon!!! I’m a Mom I don’t have time to lay around waiting for the head throbbing, nausea and noise sensitivity to go away. I have way too many things to do like……make sure the tablets are fully charged, make sure the internet is working as fast as Xfinity can possibly make it, oh and try to keep my kids occupied during the extremely smothering hot summer without anyone including myself dehydrating.

Which reminds me…did I put sun tan lotion on the kids today??? Probably NOT because I FORGOT!!! 😣. OMG!!! Lord please don’t let my kids get 3rd degree burns from the sun!!! OMGG!! Please don’t let anyone pass out from the heat. OMGGG!!! Please make it rain that way we can all go back home, get under the A.C. so I can stop worrying about my babies suffering from heat stroke (this is all real thoughts by the way 😕).

Ok, see this is exactly why I have a migraine. I overly exhaust my brain until it goes into stress mode. I overly exhaust my brain until it gives me the deuces ✌and run out on me then I’m left feeling dazed and confused!! No longer able to think nor comprehend anything but blah! blah! blah! 😩.

Do you feel me???

I say all of that to say this…I honestly believe Migraines happen when I’ve put my brain though way too much stress. It’s like it’s own way of telling me it’s over worked and it’s time for me to shut down ALL of my thoughts and relax.

Now I’ve learned 2 ways to relax my brain.

  1. Meditate!

  2. Take a nap!

And sometimes I manage to do both (that’s on a really good day 😊). But I’ve learned my brain gets tired too (just like our bodies) and its extremely important to give it the rest it needs even if we have to make it a priority and put it on our “to do” list.

Listen, Mom’s have a long “to do” list to tackle each day. But in order to accomplish that list we have to have a sound mind. We have to be mentally ready if not nothing will get done that day (and we all know how crazy that can make tomorrow’s “to do” list).

So, do yourself, your kids and your brain a favor…take a mental break. I promise even 5 minutes of meditation or a 20 minute nap will keep you mentally happy.


Meca Cole


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She is the Millennium Moms new BFF! From NY, Meca Cole has 4 kids (every age group ya’ll ), married, super funny and faith driven! The Oldest of  5 children born to a teen mom but raised by her Grandmother, Meca saw hands on the struggles her mother faced while raising 4 children.
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