3 Reasons Why You Should Walk In Your Truth



There is something to be said about living and walking in your truth.  I didn’t always walk in my truth because I was ashamed of who I really was and some of the choices that I made, which later became a part of my story.  However, with change, acceptance and maturity I realized that my truth was great, and it doesn’t only serve me, but it can go towards helping another woman.  The ability to live and walk in your truth affords you several gifts:

  1. Appreciation of self. Early on I made some poor choices in my life, but I lived as though I was the only one who had ever made a mistake.  Living in the shadow of shame blocks an individual from living the best life that they possibly can.  I failed to appreciate myself because I spent so many years trying to hide all the poor choices that I had made, when in retrospect I was hiding the great qualities of myself.  Self-appreciation allows you to accept the good with the bad.  Let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean that we should no longer improve ourselves, but appreciate each level of self-accomplishment.


  1. Nobody can do it but me. There is no one else on the face of this earth that knows how to be Anika Ennett Martin.  Sure, many people share similar traits, gifts, and characteristics, but no one can be you better than you.  I’ve learned that in this life I was given an assignment by God.  The assignment that I was given, clearly states that I am the only person that can accomplish this task.  Yes, many can try to imitate me but they cannot fulfill the mandate that was given to me.  Imagine, you are the only one that can perform a certain task, to reach a certain individual or group of people.  Everyone has been given a purpose that only they can achieve.


  1. It takes so much effort to try and cover up your flaws or pretend to be someone else.  Working on yourself can be challenging enough, without the added pressure of trying to become someone else.  Embracing who you are can be one of the most exhilarating things to feel.  Walking and living in your truth gives other people to accept you for who you are and if they don’t, they can move on.  No longer apologizing for the woman that God created me to be is a cherished gift, an honor and a glimpse into the many, many glories of God.  Why would you want to be anyone else other than the greatness you were created to be?


Accepting and living in your truth is not easy, but necessary for growth and often inspiration for others.

Anika Ennett Martin


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