3 Reasons Why I Need My Girls




These days I often see post stating, “I am on my own team” or “Me against the world”. This saddens me, because it is my opinion that no one can live this life alone. I don’t know what I would do without my girls. I don’t know about you, but I have groupings for my girls. No label is better than the other to me in most situations. It is just what I feel when I am around that person.

I have my sisters. These ladies are generally connected to me through my faith. I have my besties; these ladies are connected to me through work. I, like many people, use the word very vaguely, so my “friends” are in most cases just associates. People I know. Nevertheless, I hold any relationship that I have close to my heart. I don’t know why God has chosen these ladies to be a part of my world, but I am open to the idea. Although, there are more than three reasons I need my girls, I am only going to give you three reasons.

1st Reason: I need my girls to shop, celebrate, and hang out with. Oh sure, I can shop alone but nine times out of ten, I am snapping pictures to get one or more of my girls’ opinions on a look. They tell me, “yes that is the look”, “that looks great on you”, or “nope, try again”. I can always count on my girls to keep it real with me. When it is time to celebrate or hang out, I love being with them. We don’t club much but when it is time to let my hair down, it is a must that one or more of my girls are in the mix. My girls and I share inside jokes, laughs, and dance. We always cheer one another on. Sometimes we enjoy just staying in and hanging out. Game night is so much fun with them.

2nd Reason: I need my girls to be my moral compass and spiritual connection. When I am down in the dumps, all it takes is a call or text from one of my girls to brighten my day. As a woman, my moods go up and down. There are days I feel very ugly and depressed. Then I get on video chat with my sister, and she always tells me how pretty I am. It makes me uncomfortable at first, but it brings a smile to my face. If I need to pray or if I am out of line in a situation, my girls pray with me and tell me what the Bible says. I can always count on a mini- sermon when I need it.

3rd Reason: I need my girls, because they are my greatest supporters. When I decided to return to school to finish my undergrads, my girls were the second opinions I solicited. I went to God first. On the days I wanted to give up, they helped with my homework or gave me encouragement to keep going. A couple gave me gifts when I went off to graduate. They stand by me through hard decisions, and wrong or right they have my back.

Sisterhood is so important to me. My girls reflect different parts of my personality. I like to treat each one as if they are the only friend I have. This gets me caught up at times, when I am asked to do things by several of them on the same day or time. I love supporting and giving them love back. I pray they feel they can count on me, as I feel I can count on them. Cheers to my Girls!

-In the Wind

Arnya Martin Davis



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