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Real music lovers know often times when a good artist makes listeners wait on a new project, when their work is ready, they are going to bring the heat. In this case, that artist would be Sammie. I was in high school when Sammie dropped his hit song “I Like It” from the album “From the Bottom to the Top” back in 2000. Who could forget that one? Over the years, he released more albums and collaborated with other well-known artists like Bow Wow and Soulja Boy working with producers like Brian Michael Cox and Jazze Pha, and then it seemed like we just stopped hearing from him… until last year. Apparently Lil Sammie is now grown man Sammie. From our conversation, one can see how the 30-year old R&B singer has grown in all aspects, physically, artistically, mentally, as well as spiritually. Check out our Q&A.

Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Sammie, Sammie?

Sammie: Genuine, organic. I am a less is more type of guy, just comfortable with being myself and comfortable in my skin. I am really big on royalty and behaving in king-like manner. So that would describe my swag, and I’m also chilled and laid back.

Fancy: Now I’m a little confused. When I heard your single, “I’m Him”, I thought it was just released and you were in the process of making a new album, but I’m reading online that’s it’s been out a while.

Sammie: Long story short, last year around July if I am not mistaken, I was messing around on IG with the concept and ShadeRoom took my post and kind of reintroduced me to a lot of the Sammie lovers of the world that kind of lost track of where I was. They didn’t know I was still pursuing music, etcetera, etc, and they loved the record. It went viral, 3 million views in one day. The very next day I knew that was the single, so I went to record it, and we put it out, got an EP Deal and the EP is also entitled, “I’m Him”, and it came out actually in November and debuted in the Top 5. So I was just grateful and humbled by the reaction of the supporters and how consumers showcased, especially in this day and age with R&B.

Fancy: Oh, wow, so this was like a sudden project that is still going strong after almost a year?

Sammie: Yea, yea, we are still pushing it. The first single was “I’m Him”, then the record entitled “Impatient”, and about two months ago, the third single entitled “Better” was released. The visual is actually on VEVO now approaching a million views, and I am in the studio now, wrapping up my third album.

Fancy: Since you have been out of the mainstream for a minute, do you have any ventures outside of the music industry?

Sammie: It’s so funny. The EP has gotten so much attention that people feel like this is the first project that I have released in years, but I actually never stopped doing music. I think the last thing that I have done in the mainstream light was like 2009-2010 “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” with Soulja Boy, and after that in 2012 I released a mixtape entitled, ”Insomnia”  that reached a million people on the low, so to speak. I also co-wrote “Next Breath” with Tank that went Number 1 on Urban AC 2013. I released an EP called the “Leigh Bush Project” debuted top 10 on iTunes, but this project is the one that took off for me. It’s funny, but I never stopped doing music and shows.  I kinda was just underground with it, so to speak, because I think it gives you room in your career to grow. Once you hit the ceiling, you only can go down from there, so a slow steady incline is kinda what I have adopted, and I believe it is in my favor to blossom that way instead of just coming out the gate, but I never stopped doing music. Music has always been at the forefront, since I returned back to the industry.


Fancy: After listening to the lyrics of “I’m Him” and noticing they’re not the usual situationships and so on,I wondered if you  would you say that you are trying to bring R&B back?

Sammie: I was having a conversation just now- I’m not trying to be the king of R&B or the prince of it, but I do want to save the genre, and the content is just terrible in R&B to me. Somewhere down the line, it became ok and cool to just disrespect and degrade women, and that is something that I have never approved of. I have been blessed at 30- years young to listen to Joe and Tank, Usher, Jon B., Whitney Houston, Boys II Men, and a little bit of Luther. They always had the substance of transparency and honesty in their music, and by default even in my subconscious and natural state of course, that is what R&B is and was to me. So “I’m Him” was my way of trying to bring that back, or at least inspire my industry peers to reconsider their content.

Fancy: Seeing that you’re now 30, it made me think of this post I’ve been seeing online about 30-year old men asking “what’s the spot for the night” versus doing something more productive. What are your thoughts on such matters now that you are 30? Where’s your head at?

Sammie: I believe your 30’s is just like your 20’s, but this time you know what you are doing. You bump your head, make bad decisions, and go the wrong way sometimes in your twenties, which is cool. That is a part of life, and through experiences, there’s also growth and lessons, and as long as you learn, I don’t think there is a problem with a 30-year old clubbing; I just don’t think you should live in the club.  You should be more career-driven and more purpose driven. It also depends on your beliefs and situation. Everybody doesn’t believe in relationships and getting married, but if you do, then you need to be doing those things for it to align and come into fruition and manifest. So I focus more so on myself, my spirit, and my mind. That’s my mindset at thirty. Granted, I get paid to club, other than that, I am not really out like that. I do feel like a 30-year old man should be focused on his self and his purpose in life, and if that involves a woman and being in a relationship, that too is a part of it (the mindset).

Fancy: You speak from a more conscious mindset. Do you practice any self-help activities, meditation, or anything along the lines of that?

Sammie: Yea, I have dabbled in a little bit of mediation before. I am not a religious person but I am very spiritual. I understand that the spiritual realm is everlasting, we just live in shells right now for the temporary. So I read a lot of books, I am an avid reader- anything that can strengthen the spirit, the mind or that is business oriented, helping me to become more  aware of this industry  that I dwell in, but I am big on peace. When I wake up in the morning, I use that time to take in nature and thank God for a new day and get myself aligned and prepared for whatever the day holds. So meditation, prayer, anything that is peaceful is something I have to have.

Many artists can take a lesson or two from Sammie. While we may not have been seeing him as much, he obviously has been working not just on his music but also on his self, and of course that is always #SwagHerAPPROVED. Stay tuned for more good music to come and for updates on the album visit http://www.sammiealways.com/ or who knows- it may be announced on Sammie’s IG first, so follow at @sammiealways.



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