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Stephanie Brown Kegler is the founder of Dancing Without Sin Fitness, LLC. Stephanie’s passion for fitness started when she recognized people who exercised on a regular hardly ever got sick.  The fitness industry was so much fun for her because she loves to make new friends and be a help to the community.  Learn more about Stephanie below.

SwagHer: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Stephanie, Stephanie?

Stephanie: I would describe my swagher as the girl next door kind of fitness! I don’t have a perfect body, I’m an older woman, but I’m healthy, fit and happy!  What makes me, me is my true passion to help and make a difference by being real and  honest but fun at the same time.

SwagHer: What inspired Dancing Without Sin Fitness, L.L.C.?

Stephanie: A word from God saying unhealthy Christians do not have enough strength to build his kingdom inspired Dancing Without Sin Fitness, L.L.C.  I knew I was going to have to travel to get everyone fit one city and one dance step at a time!

SwagHer: You mentioned having a passion for fitness, but do you also think you have a passion for dancing?

Stephanie: I definitely have a passion for dancing, because you sweat when you dance, which means you burn calories.  I am no dancer by any means, but when I was VIP in the club, my body was in the absolute best shape.  I didn’t drink or smoke, all I did was dance all night long.  I was soaking wet and my body felt awesome!

SwagHer: We noticed that you continued to go back and improve your fitness sessions options as you noticed areas that needed improvement. How important do you think is it as a business owner to evaluate what is working and not working or what may need improvement?

Stephanie: It is extremely important to evaluate your program or product as a business owner.  I evaluate the type of clients I work with and how that client changes over time.  I watch their movements and improvements and look for any struggles.  My routines are sometimes revamped based on the overall outcome when a session is complete.  Because of this, they see and feel positive results.


SwagHer: Who would you say is the ideal client for Dancing Without Sin Fitness?

Stephanie: I have men, women, children, obese, skinny, unfit, fit, runners etc.  So the ideal client for Dancing Without Sin Fitness is anyone that desires movement in their life. My number one client would be the Christian that desires a comfortable environment such as church.  When my complete gospel/inspirational playlist starts pumping, the session is turned into a Spiritual Fitness Experience!  Once I can get a church dedicated to exercising, my job is complete, and I smile in my sleep.  My playlists consist of hip hop, reggae, kids bop, you name it!

SwagHer: How long does a session typically last and what do they include?

Stephanie: A Dancing Without Sin Fitness session usually lasts from 45 min to an hour.  Sessions include dancing, squats, lunges, arm exercises with light weights, bands, ab exercises- standing and on the floor, push-ups, planks, mountain climbers and more!

SwagHer: Please share any upcoming events or projects you are working on.

Stephanie: My next event is The Health & Fitness Cancer Awareness Extravaganza Sept 30th 2-4pm at Stoney Point Rec in Fayetteville, NC.  The event will bring awareness to all types of cancers, not just any specific one. I don’t make any money from this event; funds are donated to the Cape Fear Friends of the Cancer Center.

My next venture is a fitness fundraiser for domestic abuse, more details soon!



SwagHer: Where can our followers find you online?


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