From the Desk of a Diva: The Real Reason Businesses Ask You To Take Part in Their Events



Event hosting and planning is often suggested to small businesses and entrepreneurs as another stream of revenue for their business, but I think often times people leave out how difficult hosting an event really is. If you are a realist, you understand your first event typically will have a low turnout. If you are an optimist, you know that with time attendance grows. However, I don’t think there is anything more disappointing than losing money on an event AND having a bunch of freeloading participants.

I call them freeloading because when someone allows you to use their platform free of charge, they usually do so with the hope of the collaboration being beneficial to both parties, not just them using your name or event to look like they are doing big things and someone thought they were special enough to include.

Collaboration is “the action of working with someone to produce or create something”. It does not mean the event creator wants to spend their hard earned money and time to feature you, and then you give nothing but your presence in return. If they wanted that, they would have hired a paid speaker, someone with credentials outside of Instagram titles and bios.

I have even encountered individuals who asked what the attendance is looking like, knowing damn well they hadn’t done anything to promote attendance. It looks like what you invited, duh….

Event organizers don’t mind a low turnout as much, when they see the people who agreed to take the risk with them actually pushing for results. Even if no one shows on your behalf, at least you can say you did your best to get them there. The real reason people ask you to partake in their events is because they hope that your presence will draw guests there, and the way you do that is by letting your circle know you will be there. It’s not because you are cute or they so desperately want to be your friend.

Personally, the self- centered mindset of today’s girl bosses and ceo’s is leaving a bad taste in mouth. I no longer want to bother with events and networking, because to be honest, I don’t make much off of that time invested in chit chat about nothing or the infamous idea stealing. This bad taste makes me wary of entrepreneurship, and yet I love entrepreneurship and event planning (I actually went to school for it).

Once I see this laziness in people, I lose interest in them and I certainly won’t ever ask them to do anything else, because I work too hard for my coins to keep watching someone else prosper off of them.

So if you really want to be included in more events and are looking for a way to increase your portfolio, I suggest you be sure you are paying dues to the ones who actually thought to include you when others did not, and those dues are not monetary. They are simply a mixture of using your circle and being consistent.


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