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The statistics on drug addiction in the United States alone are insanely high.  The numbers could lead to valid discussions and heated disagreements.  Although the statistical information is important, we must not forget those that are suffering endlessly from the pain of addiction.  Many people don’t understand that addiction can be traced back to deep rooted pain, addictive behavior or the mere thought they don’t meet someone else’s expectations.  Speaking from personal experience, addiction takes the person and everyone that is connected to them on an emotional ride that can blow lives apart.

What people don’t seem to understand is the lasting emotional trauma that addiction can cause, especially if the person that is suffering from the addiction doesn’t have a strong support system.  There is no easy or quick fix for addiction and it takes love to help someone navigate through the difficulties to freedom.  One of the harshest statements that I’ve heard about someone that is fighting an addiction is, they are addicted because they want to be.  Not only is that a hurtful statement, I have never heard anyone say they want to be addicted to drugs and mean it.

In situations like this, compassion is a must.  Enabling is not the route to take but seeking a professional in this area would be a great start.  The beginning of the healing process should start with determining the source of the pain.  The drug abuse is often a mechanism to numb pain or to use as an escape from a situation or life.  Becoming offended in these sensitive situations are almost guaranteed but we must remember this is not the person that you know, they are being controlled by a substance and now has formed a chemical dependency.

Even in these difficult times, there is always hope!  Never give up hope for your loved ones because they need for you to believe in them, whether they say it or not.  I have seen with my own eyes, the people that have beat addiction and have become advocates for other people struggling in this area.  I’ve seen the joy in a recovered person’s eyes once they have helped another individual break free from addiction, it’s indescribable.


“Each of us have a Light that burns within us, 24 hours every day.  It’s what we do to brighten or dim our light that counts!  Having been through the fire over the last 5 years as my 28 year old daughter dealt with and overcame a heroin addiction, I will share how a beautiful light was dimmed and now shines brighter than ever!” Donna M. Butler, Host Under The City Lights and also guest speaker at Heal the City- Fort Lauderdale. Butler will speak on the light within.

If you or a loved one can benefit from this story and get insight on what the next step should be in beating addiction, then please attend the Heal the City-Fort Lauderdale event.  Additional information can be found at  .

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