An Exhibition of Haitian Culture & Fashion: Zoe Beautee

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Photo by : @iampriiincesss
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Carline Smothers is the owner of the brand Zoe Beautee.  Zoe Beautee is a Haitian apparel clothing company that caters to men, women, and kids. Her clothing line started the month of December, 2011. Since her success with her clothing line, she has created a children’s book series and a baby doll for girls. It has given her the opportunity to grow in the Haitian culture and ironically in other cultures, as she show-off her love for her country and culture, Haiti. Take a walk with me, and let’s hear all of her current successes as an entrepreneur.


SWHGB:  Are you a fashion designer?

ZB: I do not consider myself to be a fashion designer. I do not know anything about fashion nor have I gone to school for it. I think of an idea and find a way to make it a reality.


SWHGB:  What do you specialize in?

ZB:  I think I have a great way of bringing positive energy out of people. If that would count as a specialty. lol.

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SWHGB:  How long have you been hosting this yearly event?

ZB: This was my 3rd event.


SWHGB:  How has it brought awareness to bringing Haitians together and benefiting Haiti as a whole(community)?

ZB: I have been able to connect the Haitian and other community members together. My events have brought designers, photographers, performers, make-up artist, hairstylist, models, and so much more together. My 1st event was exciting, because there were a lot of people were not Haitian to attend the show. They were able to get a taste of the food, music, and culture. Each year I have selected a Haitian organization that is doing positive things for their community. This year I selected Edify after they shared interest in purchasing my first book from my children’s book series, for students in Haiti. I think when you bring the community together for anything positive it’s a step in the right direction.


SWHGB:  Where do you see this fashion show in five years?

ZB: Growth. Each year it has gotten better, and everyone has such great reviews.


SWHGB:  Who do you see yourself working with for the next fashion show?

ZB: Over the past three years I have been able to build a team. Everyone is professional and extremely talented. We will continue to build.


SWHGB:  Have you ever thought about focusing on one category of designs, ex accessories fashion show?

ZB: I have not. I think it’s great to touch on each category.


SWHGB:  How much of the profit goes to charity and what is the name of the charity?

ZB: I had a friend tell me, the first five years I would not see much of a profit. Which is true. After paying for everything I have had to use my own money to help with the expense. This year I will purchase the books and send them to our selected nonprofit organization Edify for two primary schools in Haiti. (Sopudep in PAP and in Nord Haiti SHINING SCHOOL FOR JESUS)



SWHGB:  Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

ZB: Yes, I am an entrepreneur. I think being an entrepreneur is really difficult. It takes a lot of strength and discipline. Times where you would have to sacrifice. Most of the time I’m completely broke and I think people see the opposite when it comes to entrepreneurship. It’s not easy, at all. However, success takes time and hard work. Never give up, even when things get hard, it’s all part of the process.

For more about Zoe Beautee, you can connect with her on Instagram- Zoe_beautee, Facebook-Zoe Beautee, Twitter- Zoe Beautee & her website-


Submitted by Marcelle Ceide.

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