The Root of the Issue: Self Worth

black teen boy

black teen boy

Recently, it appears that our youth are under attack! There seems to be an excessive amount of pressure on them especially concerning school. Among school pressure, the youth struggle to grasp the concept of self-worth and love that seemingly has increased the amount of violence, bullying, suicide, and severe self-esteem that conflicts them internally.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s a sad reality that many are experiencing and age doesn’t seem to be a factor. This treatment is experienced from elementary school all the way to college kids. The best way to confront this, is head on. It’s crucial to instill value in our kids.

We do this by reassuring them in their talents, confirming they are loved, supporting them, and helping them identify their identity within themselves. Due to the declining economy parents are working longer hours, and kids are having to take care of themselves. This causes a disconnect in the balance and lack of tools that kids need to essentially fight off the distractions of the world. It’s imperative to get into the world that kids live in.

We must be aware of the signs and be open to communicate with our youth about topics and issues that may not be popular. If you know of a teen or have a teen that has irregular moods, seems withdrawn, is irritable, and aggressive it may be a time to investigate the matter further. If your child is complaining or changing friends frequently, it may be time for an additional discussion. Often, parents feel that they don’t need to get involved in kid affairs, because kids are developing – but it’s critical to pay attention.



Due to the ongoing outrage of violence, issues of self-esteem, peer pressures, bullying, high suicide rates, and an abundance of trails our youth encounters daily, it is important that we remind them that they are worthy. Heal the City- Fort Lauderdale speaker Jessica T. White’s presentation will uplift guests as she shares her life experiences. “Guests will engage in hands-on activities and most importantly learn their worth,” White says.

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