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Dejah Myers is a 19- year old college student, who recently  opened a natural organic hair product line., CurlEnvyCo. She created this line to school with tuition and school expense. Dejah is natural her self. One summer while in her mother’s kitchen, she started doing treatments for her and her sister’s hair. She noticed that her hair started to grow once she started making her own products herself. With the support from her friends and family, Dejah had started selling her products at her school. She vends at events and sells products on her school campus. This has been her dream for a while. Learn more about Dejah below.

SwagHer: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Dejah, Dejah?

Dejah: My parents raised me to be independent… Both of my parents struggled having me at a young age, and I have always admired how hard they work for the family. Without them in my life, I would not be “Dejah”.


SwagHer: How did you discover your first product for Curl Envy Co?

Dejah: My Whipped Fro Butter was the very first product I created, and I I’m very proud of. It’s also a popular item! I have really bad eczema and it’s so hard to find a cream to stop the itching. Fro Butter is a everyday use product; you can use it for skin and hair, and it is great for twist outs. It helps to increase volume and promotes hair growth due to its ingredients, peppermint and Tea Tree. I did my research and noticed Tea Tree and peppermint, and white shea butter are great for skin, hair, and nails! Basically, I created a product that that helps promote hair growth and helps with skin irritation.


SwagHer: What is special about your hair care line? 

What makes special is that all products and items are homemade, and each season I use to create different items. For example, I created a seasonal line called Tropical Seduction to incorporate with my products!  New products will be released under Tropical Seduction throughout the whole summer!

 SwagHer: What’s your favorite product?

Dejah: My favorite product that I created is the Pina Colada Cowash. It’s also  a very popular item on my website. I enjoy the smell and the texture; it makes me feel like I’m on the beach!

SwagHer:  Is there a specific hair type that your line tailors to?

Dejah: With my products, they can be used on all hair types!

SwagHer: You are a student too. What is your major and where do you attend school?

Dejah: My major is Business Health Administration, and I attend is Middle Georgia State University.


SwagHer: Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

Dejah:  In the next 5 years, I will be graduating from college and working on becoming a pediatrician along with my Masters degree.

 SwagHer: Where can our readers find you and your brand? 

Dejah: We are based in Atlanta, GA and my website is

Social Media:

Insta: CurlEnvyCo 


Facebook: CurlEnvyCo 



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