Gossip is Not a Lover



Gossip is not a lover!  Slander, defamation of character, lies, half-truths and complete truth is a terrible playground for gossip.  As a young girl, I remember sharing secrets with friends that I thought was juicy news but later found out that those words spoken were hurtful.  I want to know at what point do we give up gossip and truly love our brothers and sisters?  Relationships are destroyed at the hand of gossip and it brings such pain to the individual that is the topic of discussion.  As I watch the destruction that gossip causes, it leads me to wonder the condition of the heart, of the individual who enjoys gossip.

After discussing this topic with a few of my friends, we concluded that it’s a personal deficiency.  Yes, it’s easy to say that misery loves company because that is a true statement, but let’s go deeper.  When some individuals gossip, and spread rumors about other people, they are deflecting situations either going on in their own lives or something that is lacking within.  Let’s face it, gossip is used to speak about a hardship or a negative moment in someone’s life.  Gossip is never used to spread anything positive, but to further spread pain and humiliation to people.

I’ve also found that a lot of gossip is based on the unknown, jealousy and low self-esteem.  As my girlfriend clearly stated, when you are concentrating on your own life and putting your all into that, then you have no time to concentrate on other’s short-comings.  Also, if you are genuinely concerned about someone, why not ask them if they are okay.  I’ve noticed that when individuals gossip, it is apparent that they are comfortable doing so and don’t care who gets hurt, unless it is them or someone that they care about.  In short, gossip is not a lover and only brings pain.  If you find yourself enjoying the pain of someone else’s hardship, then it’s time to look within and see what’s missing in your own life.  At some point, we must be accountable for the hurtful things that we say and do to others.  Instead of gossiping, I challenge you to encourage and empower another individual.

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