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Am I my sister’s keeper?  As I look down my timeline on social media platforms, I see these groups professing sisterhood.  Women are requesting to join groups, and some women are added to groups without permission.  However, that’s not my concern.  The concern that I have is, once a woman has joined one of these groups, are the groups delivering what they are advertising?  For example, am I being empowered, encouraged and challenged to be my absolute best?  Am I networking and seeing an increase in my business or customer growth?  Yes, I understand that each group offers something different, depending on the need of the woman but is it living up to its mission statement for the group?

I’ve seen many groups that are aligned with their mission statement, whether they have been active for several years or birthing a new group and are laying the foundation.  The groups that I’m speaking of above are hard at work uplifting other women, whether personal or professional, because there is true love in their hearts and a longing to see other women advance in every area of life.  Then, there is the other group that gives the same statements along with the same goals but they have left the area of encouragement and empowerment (which they stated was the mission of the group), and will discard another sister because there is disagreement within the group.  I do believe there are times when you must separate yourself from toxic individuals; however, when your sister is going through a difficult time, do we just throw her away and justify it with our own insecurities or misconceptions of an individual’s struggle.

At the end of the day, we all have our own personal struggles and pasts that may try to creep into the very area where we are meant to lead.  However, we must remember that whatever area we are called into, we will be tested in that area to see if we are ready to stand even when times get tough.  Are we going to pass these tests?  Or, are we going to fail in the midst and destroy another woman in the process?  If we are truly a society that loves our sisters and believe in pulling our sisters up (not enable), then do that and do it without a personal prejudice.  If it’s not for you, that’s fine too, just don’t pretend or do it because it sounds good.  Are you your sister’s keeper?


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