Confused Black Woman

Confused Black Woman


Does love at first sight exist? Do we use the “L” word too fast? Per the younger generation, it’s called being “thirsty”. There has been debates going on for years stating there is a such thing as telling someone too early that you love them, scares people away. I believe there is some truth to this belief. I know if I were dating a gentleman and he told me after 3 or 4 dates that he loved me, I would be a little freaked out because there was no time to get to know me. I have been attracted to the men that I have dated but I cannot say that I loved them just because I had a nice time.
Now let’s be real…sadly enough some equate sex with love and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Casual sex has become the norm in this society and because of that we have people “falling in and out” of love, then moving on to the next warm body. I don’t know about the next person, but my lady parts are far too precious just to serve up to anyone for any reason. Yes, I’m human, and my flesh acted out in my youth…even in my adulthood, but I’ve learned that everything I have to offer is of quality and it can’t just be given away.
Whether it’s called being thirsty or being desperate, are we scaring people off by telling them that we love them too soon? Television shows, especially reality television has sensationalized the “thirsty” behavior, almost to the point that if you aren’t thirsty, then it’s something wrong with you. The bottom line is that as women, we are the gift and the man that is worth our company will rise to the occasion and take his place.


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