SwagHer Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Lady Cam



Name: Lady Cam


I am a Recording artist. I also act, model, produce, and run ACVP, & Cam Recordings / Get it Got it ENT./Bayline clothes and T-shirt pressing (coming soon).

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

My Video production company “ACVP”    ( A Camille Video Produce ) we assist with video needs. We do music videos, assist with films, Edit reels, Realtor’s, Live performance footage, Commercials, promotional videos, graphic designs, submit to college recruiters, get placements on Ruko, Amazon TV, Apple TV and more. I went to college for video production and film and AIA in Atlanta Ga. When I had the money to buy more equipment I jumped at the opportunity after being fired from my job. They fired me because my leave of absent wasn’t filled out right by the doctor. I spent weeks at the hospital with my mother to make sure things were going smooth. I’m the only child, so it had to be done. Once I posted a few ads, the customers came and still coming back. I enjoy all of my careers. They all service a purpose in my life. I want to set me and the people around me up for a great financial path.
Get it Got it ENT assists artist with artist development and branding. We also promote events and media news.
Cam Recordings is my label. I will look forward into signing artist in the future.
Bayline clothes and T-shirt pressing is our newest venture. We custom design T-shirts, mugs, plates, jeans and hats. Still working on the website, it will be up before the summer 2017.

How would you describe your swagher?

My swagher would be like a chameleon. I also call myself Ms. Get it Got it because reguardless of the situation I will get it done. I know how to put myself in position for the position. I’ve always been a driven person and hate to be told no. I’m influence by my mother. She was a single parent and I’ve seen her hold her own. She never asked for anything but some how got it done. I never understood how she did it, until I got older and found myself doing the same thing.

Goal in life:
My goal in life is to WIN.
Helping others achieve greatness.
Good Family
Good Career
Good Bread
Inspiration to Get it Got it !
Favorite quote:
” The world don’t owe you nothing”
If you keep this in your head you will forever me motivated and humble.
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