N. Carolina Beauty Supply Store Owner Attacks Black Woman on Video


The video above is being shared online as many are appalled and disgusted by the actions of the beauty supply store owner, who tackled and put this woman in a choke hold after accusing her of stealing. 

At one point the man in the video says the woman hit him first but we hadn’t saw that part online so we can’t say whether that is true or not. However, we also hear the young lady saying they took her purse after accusing her of stealing. News reports say owner, Sung Ho Lim accused her of stealing eye lashes. 

It’s a sad thing to watch as a woman, a Black woman, especially,  because what comes to mind is how Black women are so exposed and unprotected. It’s even more frustrating when we think of how “Resilient, Receptive, and Relevant: The African- American Consumer 2013 Report” states that 46% Black households spend an average of $96 annually. We could spend that $100 doing something collectively. 

Many are calling for the boycott of the store, as they should. We think WeBuyBlack described it best in their Instagram caption. See below:

“She’s a human being… possibly a mother and wife, a daughter, a sister, etc. She’s a Black women receiving loads of disrespect. She’s perceived as the most unprotected being on the planet earth. She’s being bullied. Some may say “she probably stole something…” Well, that’s means you’re a pet (part) of the problem, because under any (no) circumstance would this happen to a white women at her age and stature. 

This is why we say WeBuyBlack.com. No one can save us but us. No one will help us but us. No one will see that your children live a life of guaranteed protection but us. If you want to know what happens when you place your future in someone else hands, don’t look to the future, look at past.”

We definitely agree with all of that. 

This is the address for the store.

Missha Beauty 

3416 Wilkinson Blvd 

Charlotte, NC 28208 


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