#FancysThoughts: Say That **** Shemeka Michelle, This Is Not Our Fight

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shemeka 2So today I did my morning post from my personal page, and I asked how did sisters feel about #DayWithoutAWoman, and no one really replied. One person shared the post, but that’s it. I asked the question because I didn’t know how I felt about it. Something didn’t sit well with me fully on the matter. Last night I visited the WomensMarch site and read their mission and principles and it all seemed “nice”, but that’s it. Nice. I believe in many of the principles, but I just felt like it lacked substance. I still can’t explain it even now, but baby let me tell you who can…

Shemeka Michelle, founder and CEO of Naked Girlz. Many of you may be familiar with Shemeka, but I’m often in my own world, so I didn’t know what to expect when I was sent over her blog, “Dear White Women, F#K You and Your #DayWithoutAWoman. I knew it would be interesting but I had no idea Shemeka would be that raw, yet I 👏🏾felt👏🏾 every👏🏾word👏🏾 of what she said. While it may be too real for some, no one can deny the truth in her statements. From the fact that White women often still make more than Black men, to the history of the raping of our ancestors, to the sterilization of our aunties only a short while ago, Shemeka broke it down.

“Why are you so upset? White women aren’t being shot down in the streets like dogs. You aren’t being incarcerated by the masses. Your families aren’t being torn apart while you struggle against a system designed to keep you behind,” this queen explains.

She went on to say what many of us women would like to say (and I don’t just mean Black women), we enjoy being women. We love it! We love our femininity and softness, and we know that doesn’t take anything away from us, AND we CAN be tough when we need to be. History has already shown us that. Life has already shown us that. And guess what-we really don’t have to tell anyone or say anything, because we already know we have the power.

Shemeka also points out how there are women living in far worse situations, truly disadvantaged. So why are we complaining? If you don’t read anything else this week, please stop by Naked Girlz Blog and read this post. Today I would like to recognize Shemeka Michelle. She’s 100 in my book, but what do you all think? Did you feel  some kind of way about today as well?


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