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There are so many opinions when it comes to sharing our romantic relationships on social media.  Is there a such thing as too much?  In my opinion, of course there is.  Many of us love to celebrate those that we have entered into a relationship with; however, there are just some things that are not only inappropriate, but it’s the opening of the door for onlookers to interact.   It’s a beautiful thing to see two people who have fallen in love and decided to share their lives together but the intimate details of the relationship should be kept private.  I have seen women and men post on social media their entire relationship and how good or bad the sex may be.

What I would love for people to understand is that when this is done, remember there are onlookers and some of them are looking for that opportunity to share in the same moments that same feeling that you have and want it with your man or your woman.  At this point, here comes the direct messages and inappropriate remarks with sexual undertones.  Yes, this can happen with people who don’t display their entire relationship on social media, but why give people an open invite into your relationship?

Also, another component exists, the one where the relationship is 85% fabricated and a social media troll is just looking to expose the flaws in the relationship.  In this day and age, people are promoting hatred against other relationships and even reveling in the fact that they are in an adulterous relationship.  At what point does it stop?  I believe that morals and personal integrity needs to come into play.  Let’s celebrate our relationships; however, let’s use wisdom and discretion because everyone is not for you or your relationship!  We have enough negativity to deal with in the world, don’t add to your own drama by displaying every intimate detail of your relationship on social media.  Once it’s out there, it’s out there.  Delete is a great function, but it doesn’t work for everything.

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