D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E! Do You Know What That Means Man?

rsz_attitutdeHave you ever wondered what the difference was between someone you see as being successful and yourself? Have you observed them and thought you were much smarter or more qualified? So why were they further ahead?
I know it’s not healthy to compare ourselves to others, but sometimes one can’t help but notice whether it be with plans to mimic the others or to study from a competitive standpoint.
Though I heard it before what I now know, is often times the difference between the two is discipline, one’s ability to control their own mindset and actions in order to obtain a certain outcome or desire (that’s my definition, Webster talks about punishment).
You know how they say you have deal with the struggle? Well that’s true but some of us don’t know how to deal with it and are eliminated. Some of us are consumed by it, so caught up we lose sight of our dreams. Then there are the disciplined few who deal with all the crap and who are also disciplined enough to stay focused on the goal. That’s the person who you are wondering what type of sorcery or (rhymes with sorcery) got them there.
They may be even wondering themselves, but whereas we may have folded or been spread them, they withstood.
As one who never liked sports or the outdoors growing up, I didn’t practice self disciple much. The lack of it led to many poor decisions and bad credit, just being real. Now in my glorious thirties, I’m restructuring my mindset and lifestyle… a lot… 😩 but I’m doing it. I AM NOT A FITNESS GURU OR COACH but continuing to practice discipline with healthier changes in my diet and activities appear to be training my mindset for the same method of thinking in life. I am seeing better results and positive outcomes.
This week, ask yourself how disciplined are you? Until next time…
Peace and blessings,
Photography by Rick Wells Photos.
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