Dealing with Everyday Stressors


anxiety-woman-1Stress is one of the leading causes of some deaths.  Our bodies and minds can’t take but so much or handle but so much.  So why do we keep stressing out all the time?  It can be dealing with stress on the job, stress in relationship, family situations that causes stress, financial situations or a thought that can lead to a potential stressor.

A great way to deal with stress is good ole RELAXATION.  When you leave your job or school, leave everything behind!  Meaning whatever was bothering you there; don’t ever bring it to your household.  It is all about you when you leave those grounds.  Focus on yourself and relax your mind.  Another great way to relieve stress is by exercising.  You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym, but walk around your neighborhood a few times to clear your mind.  When you are stressed out, it affects certain parts of the body such as:

~Brain and Nerves





~Reproductive organs


Other ways to reduce stress is:

~ Meditation– Take at least 30 minutes out of your time to close your eyes and relax your mind.  Inhale deeply and exhale all of the stressors around you.  It will be a quiet moment for you and you only.  Sometimes while meditating, you can listen to soft music to ease your mind as well.

~Sharing your feelings– it is never good nor healthy to keep everything bottled up inside.  Sharing how you feel with someone you trust; which can be either a family member or a close friend.  Also talking with a counselor is a great idea as well.  Let lose all of your negative feelings and problems and a lot of times counselors have worksheets and other activities to help out along the way.  The more you keep things locked in your mind, the dangerous it will become.

~Hobbies– We all have at least one hobby we enjoy doing.  Whether it might be cooking, reading, crocheting, writing or even gardening, we should be able to put on our “happy” face and enjoy the things we enjoy doing the most.

My hobby is mainly writing.  I write poetry and contribute to different magazines.  I recently found two new hobbies I enjoy doing and that is painting and coloring.  Art therapy always helps when dealing with stress.  The next time you are in a jam and feeling stressed out, share your feelings, learn to relax through either meditation and or/exploring different hobbies.  Relax and take one step at a time!


Submitted by Patrice Rivers Founder and Owner of F.U.S.E. Magazine

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