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rsz_typatterson2016_117-editTy A. Patterson is a writer, motivational speaker, entertainer and entrepreneur. Her first book entitled “Southern Jewel: The Elements Within” was released in 2014. She is the owner of the home décor shop Phenomenal Gifts and creator of Pretty Personality Ministries, which focuses on inspirational tell-it-like-it-is blogs and mentoring of girls and women on self-worth, purpose and marketing strategies. She has been recognized by the National Council of Negro Women and is a recipient of the Women Who Rock award in Jackson, MS where she resides. In 2015, she wrote a short Christmas stage play called “As We Cry”, which she also starred in and directed.  She is known for her many heart-warming poems, short profound quotes and witty wisdom. She co-starred in the gospel comedy “Friends and Family Day” and had a role in the upcoming film “Girl Trip “directed by Malcolm D. Lee. Patterson is currently a writer for the new “Style Mississippi Magazine” and about to release her second book entitled “Jackpot: Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold”.

SwagHer: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Ty, Ty?

Ty: I tell it like it is with humor and style. I don’t mind listening to anyone’s story and finding hope and the lesson in it, while letting them know “It’s not over.”

SwagHer: Tell us a little about your book, “Jackpot: Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold”

Ty: Basically my character “Jasmine” is a small town girl who sees beauty and possibility in everything because she grew up going to casinos, but when she starting dating she couldn’t seem to get past the beauty and charm of men. She spent so much time trying to make things work that she just lost herself with every relationship. After missing out on a chance to be married, she bounced from relationship to relationship trying to get back bits and pieces of herself, thus becoming a gambler in a way.

SwagHer: What inspired you to write this book? 

Ty: Of course my own life and just the constant questions that women have about ignoring warning signs, being caught up on looks, staying in situations too long and ultimately accepting things we normally wouldn’t, just to broaden our chances of being in a relationship. We have a habit of adapting to situations and squeezing the good out of it when the bad is just over whelming. Then we let it change who we are, we put guys in categories, we compare ourselves to women, and get into with them, but we don’t really admit the part we played. Relationships go bad from bad decision on both sides. Period.

SwagHer: What do you want readers to take away from reading?

Accountability. Ok so your love life went wrong, but why? What could you have done differently? You can’t change people, but you can change yourself. I want ladies to remain open to love and understand that timing, where you are in life, and your past does play a role in dating. But I want women to live for themselves first and shine so that the one who is supposed to see them, will. I want readers to laugh at the characters and see themselves in the situations, so that they can relate and know they aren’t alone. It’s ok to reminisce, keep the good memories and leave the bad ones behind because you can’t change the past. I also want men to realize that they don’t need to take the influence they have lightly in relationships and to be honest no matter who it hurts and no matter what they lose.

SwagHer: Aside from being an author, you wear many other hats. Can you tell us a little about what else you do? 

Ty: I still work a regular federal job. I am a traveling motivational speaker, a panelist for several topics, a writer for a new magazine here called “Style Mississippi Magazine”. I am the founder of Pretty Personality Ministries, where I have a t-shirt line and writing page on Facebook, and I am now publishing books for others. I will come out with a home décor shopping site in March, and I sell gift baskets and dessert trays. I sing, I have done some acting, and I co –starred in a stage play called “Friends and Family Day”. I still do interviews when time permits. I want to teach my daughters that you should never “not” have a job.

SwagHer: Can you share a little about your role in the upcoming movie, “Girl Trip” or tell us what it was like working with Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett?

Ty: I was cast as a news reporter. I didn’t actually get a name but the reporter badge I wore had a fictitious name “Julie Gause” so that’s who I say I was. I was trying to get information from the character played by Regina Hall. I snuck into a few more scenes but I just hope they don’t get cut. We saw Jada Pinkett and Queen Latifah in passing in New Orleans, and it rained while we were taping so it was super brief, but they were full of energy and all smiles!

SwagHer: What is one of your favorite quotes?

Ty: I created my own favorite in response to the whole “When life hands you lemons make lemonade” quote. What if you don’t like lemonade? So I say “When life hands you lemons, take the seeds out, plant them, and build a business.” Stop accepting the things you don’t want in life.

SwagHer: Are you working on any other projects that you would care to share?

Ty: Absolutely. I encourage you all to pick up “Style Mississippi Magazine”. There will be 4 issues each year, and you will find me in every one. The first issues will come out this month (February). My book is on pre-sale right now, and once it hits the shelves it will retail at a higher price, and the presales orders will be signed. I will be vending at CME Lynch Street Church for a B.R.A.V.E. women’s conference February 24-26. I will collaborate with Myron Johnson of Energizer Entertainment for an event called “Let’s Talk L.I.F.E. (love, inspiration, finances, and entrepreneurship), and my birthday party/official book release will be April 23rd. All events can be found on social media. I just received notice that I will be honored in the Black Girls Rock Jackson black tie event at the MS Museum of Art on May 20th.


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I am on all social media but my main site is

Everything you need to know is there and you can order books and shirts, contact me directly, and book from there as well!

IG: ty.a.patterson

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