#FancysThoughts: When You Learn To Control Your Breathing

rsz_controlAfter watching me watch Gabrielle’s SwagHer Fit videos in awe at at her commitment, my boyfriend decided to teach me how to lift weights and began walking (which I already did but have been slacking on due to work) and jogging .with me. I’m doing well with all of it, but the one thing I struggle with is pace.
More than once, I’ve been warned about my desire to do everything quickly. I remember my mentor telling me she believes it’s why I wish to be called Fancy instead of Francheska. I want to keep everything short and fast. I thought it was simply because it was my dance name and  had grown fond of it on the “Jamie Foxx Show”.
However, as I’ve been working out, I notice my boyfriend, who spots me, often has to stop me or remind me to control my breathing, making sure it aligns with the activity I am carrying out. I had noticed this before when meditating, but I had also been told controlled breathing would come with time and to not worry.
When my anxiety is bothering me, I have learned it’s important to take deep breaths to calm down. Controlled breathing reduces stress, increases alertness, and boosts your immune system. We are often told before we speak in anger, stop, take a breath, and think. It is believed that controlled breathing manages the body’s autonomic nervous system, which controls unconscious processes such as heart rate and digestion as well as the body’s stress response.
While I knew controlling my breathing was important, after learning more, I believe when you learn to control your breathing you obviously master your pace, also gaining control of your actions and outcome. This week I encourage you to focus on your breathing and see how things go for you. By NO MEANS am I master at this, and I am not saying hold your breath until your face turns purple! That would be on you- not me! 🙂 Feel free to tweet me and let me know!
Photography By Rick Wells Photos.
Hair By Ms. Karla of U2 Hair Studios.
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