Author Spotlight: Sheena Herod



How would you describe your swagher? What makes Sheena, Sheena?

What makes Sheena is Sheena knowing who she is and where she wants to go in life. I don’t want to be anyone one else but Sheena. I’m dorky sometimes and weird, but that’s what make me happy about myself. I don’t want to fit in; I don’t want to be anyone else but me.  “You don’t worry about fitting in when you are custom made.”

Tell us a little about your book, “Good Touch Bad Touch”.

This book is a parenting guide for protecting your kids against sexual abuse.  It is a tool that I believe every parent should read.  This informative book will help readers identify who can be a predator and what steps to take if a child has signs of being sexually abused. Parents will also benefit from a section on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of educating children about sexual abuse. “Good Touch Bad Touch” is intended to be used as an aide to teach children that their bodies belong to them.

What inspired you to write this book? 

My nonprofit organization Broken Silence inspired me to write this book. In the organization we also bring awareness to sexual child abuse and working with the organization and hearing the different stories I realized a lot of people aren’t educated on the topic.

What do you want readers to take away from reading?

I want my readers to take away Knowledge! Education = Prevention

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew” You never know how strong you are until you are up against a challenge.”

If you don’t mind our asking, have you ever experienced a form of sexual abuse?

Yes as well as other people who are close to me. As I became an adult I realized how taboo the topic is and how much its happening in today’s society.

Aside from being an author, you wear many other hats. Can you tell us a little about what else you do? 

Aside of being a writer, I am a film producer and director.  I own a productions company called Tapoo Productions. We have filmed many cooperate commercials, music video and TV pilots. We have a long list of celebrity clients.

Are you working on any other projects that you would care to share?

My new movie “The Killing Secret” will be released this summer written/directed/produced by me. It’s a great suspense drama film that I think everyone will enjoy watching.  I am also pitching my dance reality show called “Tha Dance Basement”, starring Darrin Dewitt Henson, Memphitz, and DJ Babey Drew to networks.

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