Dating Your Spouse Is Hot!



Dating can be a fun, romantic, exciting, boring, and “I hate my life” type of journey (LOL).  For some, this can become even more difficult after marriage, in between the children and let’s not forget the two-income household.  What was once viewed as sexy, enticing and exciting has become non-existent and taken over by complacency.  While I don’t believe that there is any relationship/marriage that remains in the honeymoon stage, there has to be a way to rekindle the fire.  How do we rekindle the fire of the relationship that had couples, prior to marriage in a place where they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other?

Ladies, let’s take it back to the sexy lingerie for our spouses and creating an atmosphere that encourages intimacy, not just of the physical nature but mental stimulation.  Dating your spouse can strengthen the relationship, relieve the stress of daily living such as work, bills and the children.  No, they are not problems; however, we must make time to groom the relationship.  One afternoon, send your husband a sexy text giving him instructions to follow for a date night.  Get creative, with your plans and you don’t always have to spend a lot of money.  There are several options available and you can have date night in your bedroom.  Utilize the time that you have and decide that during the designated date night there is no talk about the upcoming bills, work, other issues within your family that can bring on additional stress and focus on the things that you like to do with each other.  For example, one night my husband and I purchased a special deck of cards.  The cards that we bought required that we did whatever the card stated and it ranged from kissing each other or revealing certain secrets that we may or may not have shared with anyone else.  The end result was intimacy and a refreshed sense of love and remembering that we are in a relationship together.

Date your spouse, bring your sexy back and show him what you’re working with.  The things that you did to get him are the same things that you need to do to keep him.  Hot, Sexy, and Enticing are your code words for 2017!


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