#FancysThoughts: 3 Events You Will Experience W/ “Enlightenment”




We are now almost three weeks into the new year, and I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know a great deal has changed for me, but my desire to change and grow started long before the year came in, so I think the process began earlier on as well.  I do not know what to call this phase, so I refer to it as my “enlightenment”. This is a really interesting but awkward stage. I realize a series of three events will or can occur at this time.  In case you are “going through” now or would like to one day be “enlightened” too.

  1. You might think you are crazy.

Sounds crazy right, but this “enlightenment” stage will have you seeing many things differently. When we first awaken, it’s like someone lifting a veil from your eyes. You began to notice all the myths and lies we were force fed as children and young adults.  However, this current state I am experiencing, is like being placed in the middle of a chess game. You began to see how every move affects the board, and want to move more strategically. No more being all over the place, because you now can see in 3D. It is a little scary, but that is your third eye and intuition speaking to you.

  1. You will want to share your knowledge.

Please use ingenuity and practice moderation. Not everyone will be able to handle the new you, and that is ok, but you don’t want to run everyone off… at least not so fast. Some people may be worth keeping around, but yea- many will not make the cut, but that is ok too. Remember you can’t pack everyone in the car or on the ark. Just keep in mind that while this is an exciting time for you and it is your responsibility to spread knowledge, don’t be overbearing. We all adjust at our own speeds.

  1. Others will think you are crazy or have a big ego.

I might be! Not really, but this eye opener will also increase your confidence and intuition. For some your new outlook on life and desire to execute instead of sitting around planning and never acting may be too much. You grew up too fast on them. Don’t look back girl. Staying in the same mindset, gets the same results. If your growth is intimidating, then they need to level, and don’t you be too beside yourself to not remember what it was once like.

For me, personally, I prayed for this supreme mindset, for this growth, for this peace of mind, but I was a little overwhelmed and scared, but then I remembered I am goddess and realized this spiritual growth and foresight overload was necessary. Not everyone is experiences such, because not everyone is worthy, so I accept the challenge.  Care to share your enlightenment experience with me? Tweet me at @FancySwagHer.

Peace and blessings,



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