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There are some relationships that I’ve been in where I want a full refund from the love that I gave!  Yes, a full refund please.  As women, we tend to give our everything in the relationship arena and because we have selected a person that was not worthy of our love, we feel empty and drained at the demise of the relationship.  I want my tears back, my investments, contributions and most importantly my time.  One of the worst feelings in the world is to give everything that you have into a person and when you need to make a withdrawal, suddenly they are unavailable either physically, emotionally, or sometimes both.   How do we end up in situations like this?  Is it the lack of self-love?  Could it be the need to want to fix someone else?  There are so many scenarios that could draw us into this web of emptiness, but for some reason many of us tend to go back.

After taking an inventory of my life and why I ended up in dead-end relationships, I’ve learned that I have invested more in the relationship and thought that the more I invested, the more I would receive in returns.  Unfortunately, investing more of my love to the wrong person did not prove to be wise.  In fact, continuously pouring into someone that was only receiving and not giving back left me void in not only love but time and eventually money.

In all relationships there will be times when one person has to lean on the other, which is a good thing because we all need support.  However, if you find that you are pouring everything that is on the inside of you into someone else, and they never pour back into you, then it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship.  Take a self-inventory…do you need a refund?!


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