Relationships 101: Feeling Broken?

adobe-spark-44Started to blog today in my usual tip giving format..instead this came out of my creative soul!

“Let me introduce myself.  “I am doubt, I am fear, I am your ugly past, I am that thing that tried to kill you. Can we be friends?”

Now, that is out of the way, let me be clear of exactly who I am. I am the excuses you use to not be great.  I am the thing that holds you back because mentally you are broken.  I am not your enemy because you find great comfort in me. You find comfort because as long as I have power, you have none and you are okay with that.  You don’t have to think about all the things you are capable of doing because you have me…your crutch.

Yes, you have seen people with less do more.  But yet and still, I exist as not only your friend but your best friend.  We sit on the couch together and watch life go by.  You get motivated to do something and then I remind you that you have no money, no support, you have nothing.  You are broken!

You wait on me to leave you..but I won’t not with out a fight and you don’t have it in you!  You have let the world and naysayers tell you that it is okay to not do anything with your gifts.  You have let the world tell you that what is your heart to do means nothing.  So you sit on your gifts and your purpose waiting on me to leave.  I won’t though you need me…your excuses..your crutch.. you are broken!

You have forgotten what you learned when you were a resilient child.  You used to love to color.  You colored so much that you broke crayons and you kept on coloring!

If only you remember that broken crayons still color, you will know that broken people can still be great!  Broken people can change the world! Do you still want to be friends?”

Just a reminder that no matter what-YOU CAN STILL BE GREAT!

#DefineU #Unleash2017

Peace & Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

Lifestyle designer Valenica Wallace-Griffin in dress designed by Kenya Kersey.
Dress designed by Keenya Kersey.
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