My Vision Became Clear, Once I Learned to Love MYSELF!


loveSelf-love!  Many of us say that we love ourselves, but I believe there is a miscommunication between the word self, and the word love.  In midst of the long road between these two small words, during the course of one day, many of us discredit ourselves, look in the mirror with disapproval and talk down to ourselves.  Not fully grasping the damage that this is doing, this type of behavior goes on for years and becomes deeply rooted in our spirits.  I first acknowledged that I didn’t have self-love after another person brought it to my attention.  I was asked, why do you talk down about yourself?  As I stood in utter confusion (mainly because it had become normal), I really couldn’t answer the question.  I found that I spent majority of my time comparing myself to other people (women mainly), what they had and how beautiful they were and I just didn’t measure up.  Just let that sink in for a moment…  After having positive people pour into my life and correct my distorted views, I began to see that I was extremely valuable and that I had something to offer that no one else could.  Me!

Loving yourself means to accept ALL of your imperfections, while embracing the uniqueness that is you and that is beauty within itself.  Ponder on “your” beauty for a few moments.  Stand in the mirror and really look at how beautiful you are and what “you” bring to the table that no one else can.  Also, remember that loving yourself does not depend on your physical appearance.  Loving yourself also means to love your personality, your boldness, your shyness, your intellect, your SWAG and not being concerned by what others may think or say about you that reflects negativity.  The VISION that you have for yourself, will be the very vision that others will see.  Remove the spiritual cataracts from your eyes, and embrace the greatness within.  Remember, you have VISION, SELF-LOVE & SWAG!

Anika Ennett Martin




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