Three Reasons You Should Love Being Single During the Holidays



It’s that time of year again.

The temperature’s falling, snow’s on the ground, and the question is the same whether you’re at work, the beauty salon, the supermarket or the liquor store: What are your plans for the holidays?

For some people, especially the ones in committed relationships, the answer to that question is quite simple. They’ve had their plans set since Halloween for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  They’ll visit with their family first, and then go to their significant other’s family to finish the evening off.  Or they plan on having something at their house, and they tell you that you can “bring someone with you”.

That would be all well and good, if only you had someone to bring.

If you’re the way I used to be, this time of year almost always make you wish that there was a special someone in your life.  And if you’re into the sweet, sentimental holiday films where the girl always gets the guy (holding the gift she wants) at the end of the movie, or the romantic jewelry commercials that come on TV that almost always show a man getting down on one knee to propose, you might begin to feel as if it’s a sin to be alone on the holidays.

But is it?

People are alone for a number of reasons around holiday season (and all year round!).  There’s the possibility that they could have just ended a relationship or a marriage.  Or they may have been so engrossed with their work and children that finding love took a back burner to everything else they have going in their lives.  Then there’s always the very real chance that they just enjoy being single.

Maybe one of those reasons fits you and your situation… or maybe none of those fits you and your situation.  Whatever the case may be, don’t allow yourself to feel down in the dumps or get the holiday blues when you think about your relationship status or lack thereof.  For one, remember the reason for the season: love.  Just because you don’t have a significant other in your life doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of love surrounding you.  The love of your family and friends feels ten times better than being in a toxic relationship.  Two, keep in mind that just because it isn’t your time to have someone special in your life right now doesn’t mean that your time isn’t coming.  You’ve had someone in your life during the holidays before, and you will again.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives of being alone, think of the positives: you don’t have to bounce back and forth between his family and yours (which gives you a break from pretending to like his sisters and trying to impress his mother LOL) and the best part of it all: you get to pocket the money you would have no doubt spent on a great gift!  Saving money is always a plus in .  Three, enjoy your time being single!  With the holiday season comes plenty of meet and greets, parties, and events that you wouldn’t attend otherwise because your significant other didn’t want to go or there was some place you had to be. This way you can go wherever you want, and do whatever you want, with whoever you want, without having to worry about anything but having a good time which is great because isn’t that what the holiday season is all about?

So this year, when you see your nosey aunt at Grandma’s house for Christmas dinner and she asks why you’re (still) single, don’t start to feel self-conscious as you may have in the past.  Smile, let her know you’re too busy loving yourself to worry about finding someone else to do it, then make yourself a second plate and grab a piece (or two) of Grandma’s pound cake too.

You deserve it.

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