#FancysThoughts: But Are You Angry That Joe McKnight’s Murderer Walked? 



With the reports of former NFL player Joe McKnight’s murderer, Ronald Gasser, being freed from jail with no charges, many of us are saddened, but the most common thing I’ve noticed is the comment, “I’m not surprised.” No one is, but are you at least angry? I am, and I get angrier when I see how we as a people (Black people) demand nothing more.
Have we beaten down for so long that we don’t even expect more? In my recent interviews with the features for the Uplift the Black Man issue, one repeated message that came across was “We demand nothing,” and we do not. Almost every week now, we are slapped in the face with some blatant racist shit, and we notice it, yet we say nothing, do nothing, demand nothing, and I think secretly feel relieved it’s not our situation, but in case many hadn’t noticed, it could very easily be so. Jefferson Parish Sheriff said in an official statement that everyone wants to make this about race, but assured us this was not a hate crime, ok, but so that makes it “no crime” since it’s not a “hate crime”? I am just trying to understand.
In interviews with witnesses after McKnight’s death yesterday in TerryTown, Louisiana, Glasser is reported saying, “I told you not to f*ck with me,” before shooting him again close range. How is this not murder? What other evidence would be needed to prove so.

We all know this is wrong, and I feel like each time we say, “I am not surprised,” we might as well be saying, “But it’s cool though. It wasn’t me or a loved one this time.” that’s not your blood brother, that’s your brother. That’s not your son, that’s just the God that your praise son. No, not this time, but when the next White man has road rage, and kills one us AGAIN, it could be you or a loved one. We need to work harder at finding our voice. Why are we not organizing or seeking what other justice we might can pursue, like World Court. We need to value ourselves before we speak about how others do not value Black lives.



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