#Fancysthoughts: We Are Cool and All, But….


2bd19e7f-aac6-4c47-baeb-e5ad4a2093f0-4603-0000070178502494_tmpI think it’s important to be there for people when you can because I know what it’s like to need someone to be there. However, I don’t support when friends try to lock others into their pain with them.
It’s selfish. We all have our problems, but when we start to look at the situation, sometimes people create their own chaos. Maybe they like chaotic times because that is how they get other’s attention, but that does not work for me.

That may sound selfish to some, but someone who intentionally drags you into their mess, does not care about you the way they say.

Notice the people that always want to bring up the negative in a positive moment or that always dulls your moment to turn the spotlight on them whether in a good or bad way.

Someone who cares for you would want better for you and understand with a mature mindset that we all have things we are dealing with, even the wealthiest of people have issues, until they master peace and then they don’t view them same as us, so it has been said.

People release vibes, so if you are picking up their ill spirit, start listening to yourself. Don’t feel bad about distancing yourself. There’s something within them that does not sit well within your spirit. They’re toxic, harmful to your well being. That is not a healthy friendship, relationship, or whatever it may be. You don’t have to abandon ship. They may be able to come to a self check and realize how self absorbed they are, but know this is not the person to call on in important matters.



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