3 Tips For Building a Prosperity Mindset


While I was initially concerned about the thought of Trump being president, I knew months ago that 2017 MUST be a better year for me, so Trump or not, I’m trying be as happy as KendallKyndall driving to work singing “My Life Lit”. That requires mindset the right mindset. Below are three tips for getting in prosperity mindset. 

1. Speak life over yourself and your finances.

Everyone is on this “oh, what is we goin do” wagon right now. Well I assure bills will not stop coming, so for one keep grinding, but also get out of that helpless mindset. Now is the time to be thinking about what other gifts and skills do you have to share with the world and be compensated for.

2. Value people and experiences more than material things. 

None of them are cheap, people and experiences cost time, and experiences and material things cost money. However, studies have shown that experiences make us more happy and the memories last longer. People should be valued because we need to be practicing more empathy instead of being so self absorbed.

3. Be grateful.

I don’t mean this in a demeaning way. I say this all the time, be appreciative of what you have, and you will be blessed with more. I’d also like to note it’s important to be mindful of your complaining. It’s a sign of ingratitude. 

Trump or whomever isn’t blocking me from my blessings. I have a money making mindset. I’ve been saying this affirmation below for years, and I know it is working.
“I radiate success and confidence. I attract knowledge and prosperity. I spread love and wisdom everywhere I go. I empower; I inspire. I am Fancy. 

Happy Thursday y’all! If you have more tips, feel free to tweet me or leave a comment. 


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