Relationships 101: Your Starting Point


relationships-101Have you ever done something that you do everyday and it makes you think about life? That happened to me today!

When I got ready to leave the house to run errands, I auto started the car with the key. Out of habit, I let the car “warm” up regardless of the weather.  If I didn’t auto start it, I would have to get in the car, push the brake down and push the start button.  Seems normal, right?  My mind went another way though.  Why if I auto start it, I just can push the start button, but if I get in to start it I have to do that extra thing.  I have to push the brake!

Compare this to life, in life some people have an “auto start” where they get to warm up. They are prepared for life “early” and are ready to go.  While others, have to do an extra step first before they can go.  Notice though both people have to do the same thing: push the start button!  There is no way around this.  This is the requirement to do anything in life, you have to start!

We often look at people who seem like they have been prepared and are going somewhere.  Then we look at ourselves and feel bad because we weren’t prepared they way they were and something else had to happen for us to start.

Change the way you look at your start like this:


  1. The destination is still the same regardless of how you start.
  2. The warm up still has to happen.
  3. The start button still has to be pushed!

As a “brake” type of person you have an advantage, you do not depend on fuel as much. To auto start, you must have a certain level of fuel.  Brake people can do more with fewer resources because you have had to start a different way.

Don’t discount your beginnings, like I said the destination doesn’t change. You just have to start!  

Peace & Love,

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

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