Dallas Mom Disappointed During Family’s First Voting Experience 


rsz_img_5747Tamisa Hunter and her twins, Jatarein and Janesia went to vote on Saturday in Dallas, Texas, and were disappointed to discover her son was not registered.
“We had to turn around and go to another line. While my son was in the line, my daughter and I voted. After we voted, I went to stand by my son. The gentleman asked for my son’s driver’s license to look up his registration Again, he was not in the system; however, my son’s information was linked to my daughter’s number,” Hunter says. She went on to say, “The gentleman than stated that my son had to complete another voter registration card and that he couldn’t vote in this election. I told the gentleman he was incorrect and that my son was going to vote because I made sure he was register plus we decided as a family to always vote together because our vote does count.”

The gentlemen had Jatarein complete another form, while Hunter spoke with another tech who stated that if she went and obtained his voter registration card that he could vote. So they left and returned to the voting station.

“People had the same issues. They were being told they couldn’t vote in this election for whatever reason. When the gentleman scanned my son’s number, his number pulled up my daughter’s information. So this caused my son not to be in the system at all, and he was again told he couldn’t vote. I said no, this is not our error and he will be voting. So the supervisor came over and said that we could do a provisional vote. Jatarein had to cast his ballot by paper and drop it in a bag with a zipper,” Hunter describes.


Hunter says she is not comfortable with provisional voting and fears the votes may not be included or something could occur with the bag.

In late October, the Dallas and some other northern areas had claims of issues with their voting machines jumping. It was investigated by the Tarrant County elections and determined to be voter error.

Photos submitted by Tamisa Hunter as well.
Photography by Rick Wells Photography.
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