#FancysThoughts: 3 Personal Things I’ve Learned From Business Failure 


rsz_1img_5422I look for the lesson in everything, so in light of my recent business disappointment, I worked really hard to see what I was missing before. I know people say it’s not personal, it’s business, but I asked myself what could bring value out of this failure, and so far I have come up with these three lessons.

  1. You have to want it badder than they do.

We all think we want “it” whatever that may be for each of us as individuals, but do we really it more than the next person? What sets your desire that you are putting into the Universe apart from theirs? Nothing, actually. Nothing more than the wisdom that comes with truly understanding being in your own lane means knowing what’s for you, is for you. However, sacrifices must be made. Comfort zones must be abandoned. You can say you want it, but will you really go get it?

2. You moving too “respectfully”. 

You are playing it safe, and leaving food on the table. You not eating big enough, B. I had to look at it like I’m putting someone else’s dreams before mine, like my dreams weren’t big enough or immediate. If we have ever met, you may have noticed my mannerism. I’m the type to step off the sidewalk to let someone pass, or I used to be anyway…. I’ve had to learn to stand firm in my space and minimize all the damn “excuse me”. Whether you can or can’t depends on your mindset.

3. Throwing salt on my name on only “awesomes” my sauce. 

Haters are needed. If no one is upset about what you are doing, you really aren’t doing anything. This was a big pill to swallow because I’m big on unity. I seldom mention my haters, due to the whole “respect” thing, but I also don’t believe in free promo anymore. I did graduate in that area, but before I didn’t realize the value of my haters. Nothing helps distinguishes an original like a copy, but I thought I was being exemplary trying to be everyone’s friend. That’s not real life.
One thing I’ve learned after interviewing people for six years, very few people escape failure. It happens to the best of us at some point, but what’s important is whether we stay down or get up, regroup, and try again… a different way, because obviously what you were doing before was not working or needs tweaking. Don’t allow past failures to hold you back from what you believe is destined.

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