Clap For Your Damn Self and 3 Other Things I’ve Learned on My Spiritual Journey 


The biggest thing I’ve learned while on my inner peace journey is everyone travels at their own pace. I have been on my journey for at least five years now. As of late, knowledge is coming to me more swiftly. I am begging to grasp the concept of things more quickly. In the past few months, I’ve grown to realize the following about myself and my growth.

I want the best of everything. I want everyone and everything around me to be of light. I really have friends from all walks of life because so much interests me, but I don’t associate with people I see no good in. I prefer everything around me neat and organized, and I don’t mind working to have it that way.
I do more out of love. I do more from my heart now. I enjoy being able to help others, but I am always looking at my finances, or I was. I now seek other ways to be able to help others however I can. I night can only send them a kind message, pray for them, or share some knowledge I’ve learned I think is fitting for their situation.
I see the power in my thoughts and words. I have talked about speaking things into existence for years. Before I saw little things, but I now see them in bigger entities. It makes me more conscious of my thoughts and to keep them positive and of well being.
I clap for my damn self. I’ve spoken before about how I used to not love myself because I knew nothing of it until I was an adult. Yet, I was overly modest. I never gave myself enough credit. Nothing I did was big to me, only baby steps, never seeing the path I was clearing behind me. I now understand the importance of accepting compliments and praising myself. I have worked for this.
While other speak of self work often, it is something I practice daily, continuously striving to be the best version of me so that in return I can produce and put out good into the world. I would love to know what you’ve learned of yourself in growth. Feel free to tweet me or leave a comment.


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