3 Things You Don’t Do When Getting Your Life Together

I declined an invitation to a get together recently, with the reason of “I’m trying to get my life together.” I had given it much thought as to why I was not planning to attend, and while I had plenty of reasons, none of them described my feelings like that phrase, like I could probably list the others and then come back with a workaround for them, but overall, “I’m getting my life together” summed it up. To go seemed almost irresponsible to me. It made me think of the other things one should avoid doing during this time in their life.
1. Surround yourself with positivity but keep “hanging out” to a minimum.- Your surroundings are important right now. The attitudes and energies of others can be quick to rub off, but that is obvious. It’s equally important to keep socializing with friends to a minimum. It’s good to keep your spirits up, but hanging out can bring about feelings of comparison to those around you, and the last thing we need is to be beating ourselves up over things that we cannot fix or obtain over night.

  1. It’s not going to happen overnight.- Many of us make up our minds to get our lives together and then expect everything to fall into place overnight. No! Think of how many years, we have been putting this off and running from issues. It’s going to take some to work through your mess, but be patient and stay focused. Do what you can bit by bit, and that mountain will downsize to a hill, to a mound, to a small pile of dirt. 

  2. Don’t try to change everyone around you.- We know it’s tempting. We’re growing; we want everyone around us growing. That is not how it works however. We each have to come to the conclusion that we are ready for a change on our own accord. When you find yourself being “teachy” or judgmental, check yourself. 

Getting your life together can be both difficult and time consuming. I’m still a work in progress, but I have done this before; I am now doing it wiser. I regret missing the opportunity, but I knew the time to myself was more important. 


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