The Joke Is On Us…LAHH: Presidential 

I had no intentions of watching the presidential election debate last night but after all the excitement online, I decided to tune in. Today, I feel no different toward either candidate.

Yet as I watched last night and saw so many people belittling Trump (not saying it wasn’t deserved) and praising Hillary, I felt like I was maybe looking at the wrong debate. I felt no excitement nor was I was impressed by either party.  
For months I have watched as many Black celebs say they are with Hillary, not understanding why at all, yet their brown skinned endorsements influences their naive following. 
I actually felt embarrassed last night. We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world, and our two potential leaders are standing on tv looking like a chick arguing with her dude or baby daddy. He has admitted he’s messed up in so many words, but keeps trying to bring up the old days or the few things he’s done right, she’s steadily nagging. 

That could have been an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Presidential! We get it! He ain’t going to do right girl! Now what are you going to do moving forward? How are you going to fix this situation? If we were the best friend watching, we’d now be asking, “So what are you going to do? Where you goin’ stay?” 

To be honest, Donald Trump is entertaining to me. He is the guy at the office always cracking corny jokes and bragging but people listen because of his position and/or finance, but he is certainly not worthy of my vote. 

And let me clear, I think God’s greatest gift to the Universe was the woman, but I’m not just voting for Hillary because she is a woman or because she is a democrat. If she gets my vote ( I’m trying to find more on the other candidates), it is only because she seems to be the lesser of the two evils. It seems like we as Black people have given her far too much credit and she feeds off of it. I didn’t feel confident or hopeful watching her last night. I didn’t hear any real action plans. I felt like she may have won the debate last night according to the critics and media, but we are all still just as lost as a country. 


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