Author Spotlight: Deborah Amelia



What inspired your interest in science fiction?

Science was always one of my favorite subjects in school. It could explain the nature of what was unseen in the world around me. When “Star Trek” came along, I locked onto their tractor beam and there was no turning back. I did not see it as fiction but rather a glimpse into our technological future, but with the same human concerns and lack of existential awareness.

Do you believe we have past lives?

I do believe we live many lives and not necessarily in the past although that may confuse some people. I uncovered the idea of simultaneous lives recently and the belief that there is no past or present. I toyed with the possibility that all our lives are being lived at the same time. A hard concept to wrap your head around, but one that I only recently contemplated. The concept came about from considering a plot while writing “The Sania Dimension”, which I ended up not including in the book. From an elevated existential perspective, one can grasp the notion of no past and no future given the fact that time is an illusion to begin with only serving an important need for a human. I think our “past” and our “future” are being lived at once. It might even be the explanation for de ja vu.

What are some of the obstacles of breaking into the science fiction world of writing?

I’m not sure I’ve encountered any obstacles. At least not yet. I think my book is very relatable even though it consists of guides; angels; alchemy, etc. Maybe the public is becoming used to these concepts. More importantly, writing about a genuine human experience from a Light Being’s perspective, which can be hopeful to most of the population in these unique times.

How closely do you identify with Ava?

I think a writer writes what they know about and what is near and dear to their heart. Because of that belief, I identify with Ava very closely. We all have growing pains, and if one can remove themselves from the ground level of their issues and elevate to a higher and deeper perspective, they gain greater clarity and are able to stay true to their own purpose. They may not always like what they see, but they trust their intuition is working in their best interest.
Ava transforms from her unlikely predicament with no judgement or condemnation toward herself and that is the key for any human to evolve to a better mindset, which in turn changes their world. I believe I have gotten through my life very much in this manner.

How difficult was it to create a setting that “consistently flows” such as the dimension Ava is originally from?

It was not that difficult to create the setting. When writing science fiction your imagination is your only limitation. At times during the writing process, I would have to remind myself that this particular human event would not make sense in Ava’s world. Moreover, I could easily imagine a more suitable event that would make perfect sense! Kind of an amazing experience for me, really.

What do you want readers to take away from “The Sania Dimension”?

Foremost, you always have a choice. Whatever your goals or desires, you should study and read gaining insight into who you are. Entering the world as spiritual beings, we are quickly trained to dismiss our own true nature to accommodate the socially accepted ideas of what we should be.
The reader sees Ava go through vicissitudes trying to conform to her new human body and circumstances that are unnatural to her. As she stays true to who she is in the face of all adversity and discomfort, she transforms herself on so many levels and subsequently affects the world around her. It is important to know thyself. Do not fear who might find in that search and solitude. You are teaching yourself fulfillment and happiness.

How does your degree in psychology assist with your writing?

Only that it provided the knowledge of the anatomical workings of the brain and it is not the mind or the soul. The brain is the vehicle in which we can understand the nature of our existence. The brain is the tool that allows us to connect to higher dimensions of thinking and enables acknowledgement of those experiences.

In your writings, do you include social and economic issues similar to those we are currently seeing?

“The Sania Dimension”, in its entirety addresses many social aspects of living within a society that seems out of step and unaware of its true purpose for beings of all nature. It also explores the parochial mindset of the medical profession and the corporate environment regarding social issues. It conveys an approach to looking at life outside the box. Shifting the paradigm so to speak.

What words of advice would you give aspiring science fiction writers?

I would recommend the characters’ persona to be as palpable as the science. Keep the characters as scientifically exciting as any of the fictional events they encounter. It’s as if you get two for the price of one. You have a science fiction story but you do not have characters responding to their experiences in a typical human fashion. That is exciting. Make the character as fictional in its human response as the events taking place.

What can we expect next from Deborah Amelia?

I am currently working on a sequel to The Sania Dimension. I have not come up with a sub-title for the book yet but it will continue Ava’s journey introducing more surprising characters and surprises for the future of the planet Earth.

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