#FancysThoughts: Listening For God

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If you know me, you know I’m a stickler for rules, or I used to be until I realized the world is not black and white, but I used to seek solutions in people, because people are always suggesting to talk to someone. I would seek the answers from others. “Oh, well so and so is a specialist, maybe they can help.” “This person is a lawyer, maybe they can advise me.” “Everyone likes them and goes to their church, surely they can give me a good word.” I went on like that for years, and I always felt just as lost and empty as I did before sharing my problem, if not more so, because then that was someone else in my business. 

However I’ve grown to realize, going to others and expecting them to solve your problems, is sometimes the worse thing you can do. As I’ve said numerous times before, I’m not religious, but my faith is strong. I’ve endured homelessness, heartache, abuse, and losing my daughter and I’m still standing, but sometimes the noise of the world can be overbearing, drowning out the messages we really need. It’s best to take some time to yourself and listen for God. 
I’ve been dealing with a great deal lately, to say I’m stressed would be to put it lightly. Some days I’m depressed and don’t want to get out of bed, which is odd for me, because I usually love mornings and I’m eager to get up and work at my dreams. Other days, I’m anxious and it’s gotten to point where I’m not sleeping, having nightmares when I do, or I’m pacing, something I’ve never done before. 
Throughout it all, I’ve still been trying my hardest to hear His words. That’s kind of why I’m writing and sharing this now. Lately, something has been telling me to just write. It doesn’t say what to write in specific. I have absolutely no direction when I start. I’ve moved the above paragraph three times and still wonder where it fits in, but something told me it is supposed to be included. Overall, I’m totally clueless, but I think maybe someone needed this message, to know they are not alone, but that they need to take some time alone and listen for God. Then move. Enjoy your weekend!
-From Fancy w/Love 

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