#FancysThoughts: QS Recap-Send Him Back to the Light 


Last night’s episode of Queen Sugar was just as emotional as it was the night before, if not more so. 

We learn that Charley has a different mother than Nova and Ralph Angel, and sense that maybe that is why the two seem to slightly shun her. The siblings also argue about funeral and repast arrangements as Charley tries to first help cover cost and then hire a caterer and servers for the repast. Nova refuses to let Charley “flaunt” her money without a fight.
Charley realizes that they will not allow her to pay for the funeral alone. As they pick out a white casket for Pop-Pop Nova says one of the most memorable lines of the night,”He was our black stone. Our protection….It should be white. Let light send him back to the light.” 
Meanwhile Aunt Violet worries that Ralph Angel is going to take Blue away. We detect that either she can’t have children of her own, or she feels she is too mature to do so. Her younger boyfriend Hollywood Desonier (Omar Dorsey) assures her in another popular line of the night, “Can’t be wasting time , when you are where you wanna be, and Baby I am exactly where I wanna be.” Alright now! 
However Aunt Violet still confronts Ralph Angel shortly after overhearing him ask his Blue’s mother Darla (Bianca Lawson) about watching him during the funeral. Darla is excited as she has been asking to see Blue. Ralph Angel wants to shield Blue from death and anything bad as much as he possibly can for now. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, and Blue has to go to the funeral with his dad. Which brings us to my favorite scene, when Ralph Angel walks up in all that cocaine white (as someone called it on Twitter) with his glowing chocolate skin. They didn’t give us a long enough view though. 🙏🏾
To our surprise Davis appears trying to talk to Micah who is uninterested, and Charley shows up at the same time. When Davis says Micah needs him, Micah disagrees, and he in the end, he and Charley leave together, but Davis again pops up at the funeral. 
While Darla does not make it in time to watch Blue for the funeral, she does make it to the funeral. The Bordelon children are all dressed in white, each depicting their own style. There’s a personally touching moment as Nova looks back as the sun appears to be rising and then looks to the side at her married lover, Calvin (Greg Vaughn). As someone who seems to always land in some weird twisted relationship, my heart ached for Nova in that moment. 
The episode closes with all three siblings holding hands in their white attire while looking forward with determination, as if prepared for war. 


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