#FancysThoughts: My New Love- Queen Sugar (Ep. 1 Recap)

Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) and Blue (Ethan Hutchinson). Photo from OWN website.
I am not sure if you all caught the premiere of Ava Duvernay’s Queen Sugar tonight, but I’m vowing tonight to keep you in the know, because I am committing to this show. I think I needed it, but don’t read if you don’t like spoilers, because I have to get this out, and I don’t have any “bestfrans” to discuss tv with.
Meet the Bordelon family:

Nova (Rutina Wesley)-the journalist, activist, and weed selling older sister who is having an affair with a White married cop (May I add as much as I loved True Blood, they never styled Wesley properly, NOT ONCE, but on here, OMG she reeks of Black girl magic. Her skin glistens like a goddess throughout the whole show).

Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner)-the middle sister and wife and manager of an NBA player who is involved in a rape scandal Charley initially seems to be living the life everyone wants.

Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe)-the baby brother and formerly incarcerated father who is searching for redemption (and he is fine as hell).

Blue (Ethan Hutchison)-Ralph Angel’s adorable son

Pop-Pop/ Ernest Bordelon (Glynn Turman)– the siblings’ father and rock who owns a sugar farm in New Orleans. He’s the quiet, prideful type of Black man that doesn’t let others in on his problems.

Michah (Nicholas L. Ashe)-Charley and Davis’s son

Violet Bordelon (Tina Lifford) Pop-Pop’s sister

Reyna Velez/Ms. Velez (Marycarmen Lopez)-Blue’s teacher who seems a little sweet on Ralph Angel or she’s just extra nice

In this first episode:

Ralph  Angel knocks off a store for money. Charley attempts working crisis management for her husband Davis and his teammates until she sees footage of him with the accuser. We see some of Pop-Pop’s struggle with his farm. Pop-Pop and Ralph Angel throw Blue a birthday party, during which Pop-Pop has a stroke.

Ralph Angel does not want to bring Blue to the hospital see Pop-Pop for fear it may scare him (Blue). Aunt Violet calls for Charley to come home. Ralph Angel does bring Blue to the hospital, who in an innocence only a child can possess, affectionally lays in the hospital on Pop-Pop’s side, and in that moment Ralph Angel and Pop-Pop share a father son moment. Pop-Pop can’t speak, but he seems to give his son his approval or maybe just his love, but he also seems to worry about what will become of Blue and Ralph-Angel when he is gone, and the scene ends with Ralph Angel also laying across Pop-Pop’s chest. Three generation of Bordelon men.

Charley and Micah doesn’t make it in time but vows to make things right with the family and the land.
Another episode comes on tonight at 9 central on OWN. If you are tuned in, you can watch with me as I tweet from the @SwagHerMagazine account.


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