If One More Person Asks What About Uplifting the Black Woman….  

City Selectman of McComb, MS Donovan Hill. Photography by Rick Wells Photography. Styling by Chris McKinley

If one more person asks what about uplifting the Black woman, well- nothing much would happen but I would continue writing this Uplift the Black Man issue. Not because uplifting the Black woman is not needed or equally important, but because for six years, I have been writing to uplift and empower the Black woman, and while some read and are inspired, many of you or them don’t. I mean if you had been reading for the past six years or even the last two years since since we have grown, then you would know that.

But that’s not the only reason, when Alton Sterling was murdered in Baton Rouge,LA the very same city in which we started, I was outraged. A week later, Philando Castile was murdered, and I felt horribly helpless, as I watched mainstream media justify the slaying of these Black men, downplaying their murders, bringing up

their past. To me, none of that mattered in comparison to a human life. In disgust, I read as even some Black men made ignorant comments or even worse say nothing because they felt it didn’t concern them.

I don’t support the police shootings either, because again I value human life, but I love my Black people too, so before someone someone says they aren’t acknowledged in this recap/listing, know they were an influence.

Anyway, I realized yes, Black women need to be empowered, but so do our counterparts, our Black men. What good is our gift of sight if our partners cannot see the vision? As a whole, we have been working hard as hell to get Black women to see that they are queens and love themselves, all while being educated, self sufficient, and healthy- but not many are saying this to our brothers. Who is harping to them about loving themselves, pursuing their dreams, and valuing human life, because it comes down to that when we bring up the infamous discussion of Black on Black crime. We can get mad when we talk about others killing us (or not), but we don’t want to talk about US killing US.

And then of course, like most single, Black women out here, I want to be loved the right way by a man who can lead me.

So I looked at these things, and came up with the idea for the Uplift the Black Man issue. In it we’re discussing everything from business, politics, to fatherhood. Yes, we are pre-dominantly a women’s magazine and this is an issue for men, but I want sisters to buy this issue for the men in their life, or to know what to seek in a man, or to just admire all the magnificent “melaninated” men putting good into the world. We strive to depict what it’s like to be a Black man in America. So far we have the following major features:

Nehemiah Davis (entrepreneur/philanthropist/ 2016 recipient of Good Neighbor Award, sponsored by State Farm)

Brandon Frame (The BlackManCan) returning

Larese Purnell (The Real Black Friday founder)

Wesley Bellamy (Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, VA)

Donovan Hill (city selectman of McComb, MS)

Jason Wilson (founder and Ro’sh Sharath The Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy)

Chris Leday (Gentlemen whose Alton Sterling video repost garnered national attention)

Plus other features and content

We are awaiting confirmation on our cover story, but we hope to be announcing them soon. So this is why I chose the #UpliftTheBlackMan theme. If you would like to advertise your business in this issue, which we believe will be one of our best issues so far, please email us at advertise@swagher.net.


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