Body Talk: How To Listen To Your Body 

Do you listen to your body? Tune into the way your body talks to you. It is telling you a variety of things like whether you are: 

-getting enough rest and sleep

-eating properly

-being active enough or too little
Too often, we are so caught up with life, that we ignore the signs our bodies are giving us. Sometimes we are going through the motions without taking the time to ask ourselves if we are really enjoying the activity and the reason why or why not. It’s all a matter of being present, but taking the time to breathe and ask questions, can help us with the following:

  1. More positive lifestyle behavior like diet and exercise, because we learn what’s helping and/or harming our bodies, as well as our physical limitations.

  2. Learn to trust ourselves more. We become one with our body and discover it will work as hard as we do; it’s really on our team!

  3. Strengthen our intuition. Our gut will begin to tell us more as we grow to frequently use our senses.
    Quiet time and deep breathing play a big part in listening. Try this exercise:

  4. Be still.

  5. Inhale deep into your belly for five seconds.

  6. Hold.

  7. Exhale for five seconds. 

Now what comes to mind first? Is there anything you are urged to do? Act on it (we are suggesting anyone commit any illegal or immoral activities, please use mature discretion).
Do you have tips for learning to listen to your body? We would love to hear them. Leave a comment below or tweet me at @FancySwagHer. 


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