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Nikei Salas is the author of “Black Girl Gone Guru”, as well as a wife, mother, spiritual coach, speaker, and activist. Learn more about Nikki and her book below.

How would you describe your swagher? What makes Nikei, Nikei?

Me being in a different time in my life, in what I call my “second spring”. I don’t like to call or say I am getting older, I like to say I am becoming more seasoned. When I reached my late thirties, I wanted to do something different in my life. That is when I left my job. I wanted to write and do spiritual advising, so my transformation is different from the old Nikki, the N-I-K-K-I.

We know you were once a licensed nurse but noticed the important connection of mind, body, and spirit while practicing. Can you share how that inspired you to move forward with your book?

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a nurse. I always wanted to help, and then I found out later and what I believe now, is helping isn’t just in whether I am a nurse or I am teacher, even though we all are teachers. So when I got into the nursing field, my experience was about the physical, whereas I noticed that more people needed that one to one attention, whether we were talking, or I was using my time to be somebody’s counselor, like when I was doing my hospice, you know- praying with somebody. I didn’t want it to be just physical with anyone anymore, so that is why I decided to leave, to focus more on the spirit, but doing it in a holistic way, mind, body, and spirit.


Tell us more about your book, “Black Girl Gone Guru”.  

“Black Girl Gone Guru” is somewhat of a biography of different things that I went through and the lessons I learned from them- hence the word “guru”. The reason why I put the word “guru” in there is because they taught me. Some of the lessons are how it taught me more about myself. As I said earlier, I see myself as a transformed Nikei, and I am looking forward to more of the transformation on this journey.  I don’t see things as bad things, anymore. I see them as part of our journey to help us learn more about ourselves. So going from being pregnant at 15 to where I am now, 42 years old,  these experiences taught me a lot about myself.  The lessons are testimonies for other people to help them on their journey. Because everything is a choice, I could have been like, “ok, life is over,” back then, but I still decided to finish high school. I had another child before I finished high school, as a matter of fact- I had three children by the time I was 17. In spite of my hearing “oh you’re not going to make it”. I chose to say “You know what? I am going to do different.” I refused to be the statistic that everyone was trying to label me as. I decided to go on to school, still got married, still got good jobs.  The Universe blessed me with good jobs. I even noticed that with my journey. If Nikki decided “I’m not going to be anything. I’m not going to get my high school diploma.” Then I wouldn’t be able to be where I am now. I wouldn’t have wrote book, because I would have chose to stop my life because of what someone else put on me.

You are well known for traveling. Where is the furthest you have been?

The furthest I have been so far is Dubai. We went to Dubai last year after my birthday, so we stayed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a little while. I’ve also been to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and some other places. You know, even with that, for a long time, I was working, so I didn’t really start traveling until I was in my thirties, after leaving Ford Motor companies to go to school. I was like I have been working all my life, let me do something for myself. Then I went to Hawaii by myself, that  was when another part of my transformation happened. I was like- “Wait a minute!” I thought life was working a job, taking care of kids- which is wonderful, but that is not all that it had to be, so that traveling bug got in me. It was in me before I met my husband, and when I went to Mexico by myself and came back, that is how we met, because I took that trip by myself.

So you met your husband while traveling?

No, it’s funny because I called it my Eat, Pray, Love tour, so when I went to Mexico my plan was to go to Italy and all that other stuff, but then I met him. When I went to Mexico, I said if I don’t do anything else, I need to go zip lining. I talked  about it on Facebook later, and he and I were already friends on Facebook from the Ford Motor Company. So when he went zip lining in the Dominican Republic, and I saw that he had zip lined, I was like “Oh, ok cool, and we started talking back and forth via the inbox. Now it’s been over three years. We got married six months after we met.

What do you find to be most rewarding about your new found career?

Meeting new people. I learned a long time ago that we should never focus on the money part, because the Universe or God will provide accordingly; that is why I believe my purpose down here is to be a light to others.  Even when I left Ford- fortunately God took care of me and my children with that money and the nursing situation, but people were like “why do you keep leaving these  jobs where you are being paid good money?” It’s not about the money, it’s about me. It’s like I said I went to Hawaii, and I woke up, I got rid of that. I got rid of thinking about paying bills actually. It’s crazy, but it helped me to go into spiritual advising.  I made a dream wall years ago. The first time I did one was like in 2008, when I watched “The Secret”, and from then on  I had to keep changing the dream wall. When I met my husband, I said I am going to be retired before the age of 45 because Hawaii stayed in my mind. I kept thinking “I gotta be free. I have to be able to live my life.” Again, when I started  to see that I was being an example to others, I knew it was not about me, but different things worked out. I was able to leave nursing. I haven’t worked as a nurse in over a year and a half. God’s universe provided us with the income to pursue different things that allowed me to do what I am doing now. We are meant to live our lives the way we want to, but if we don’t think that is possible it will never happen.

What has been your biggest obstacle whether in life or business?

Honestly Fancy, I believe having those that are blood family (because I believe we are all family) and people that you grew up with support you. Every time I left a job-like I said the post office,  nursing- people were like “you are crazy. Why are you doing this?” I’m thinking “ok, this is not only for me, but for people in my family too, to bring healing or whatever needed to come from it”, but I still didn’t get that support from them. Again, God’s Universe provides you with what you need to confirm that you are doing something right, you are doing something to give back. Now I am able to say that I have family all over this world- people that I have never met, people from Dubai, people calling from Pakistan, Nepal, or wherever. It makes me feel good to know that even though I don’t have that support from blood relatives, I still have lots of support.

What words of inspiration would you care to share with our followers?

Love your life, and you can still be a light. What you are  doing in your life is an example for others, but not only live them, but make them a reality, because a dream is something that is going through your mind when you are laying down at night or in the morning, but you can actually live that.

Another thing, I learned in  hospice from one particular patient that stayed in my mind- she always talked about her regrets and talked about all the things that she should have done, and she encouraged me to not do as she did. You know the “shoulda, coulda, woulda”, and then here it is and you can’t do anything about it,  so I took those words and deposited them into my spirit. It’s not even for me, it’s for the women or whomever didn’t live their life. I am supposed to be jumping out of a plane next month; it doesn’t matter who is not going with me, I am still going to jump out of that plane. I want to do things that not only make me feel more alive but to encourage others to understand that we don’t have to live the quote unquote, to just work a job and then you don’t live until the end. Then you will wish you had took that trip, left that job, gotten married, or whatever your spirit is telling you to do.

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